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Amit Ghodasara
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We provide staffing software that are used by the corporate HR, Recruiters and Staffing Agencies.


HR and Outsourcing | Applicant Tracking


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iSmartRecruit is an Applicant Tracking System, which is used by the staffing & Recruitment agencies and Corporate HR's to maintain the work flow of the organization by having different stages in the system. The system can be customized, so one can match their business requirements with the system itself. A complete, personalized Applicant Tracking System and Staffing Software for recruiters as well as for the HR corporate is trending nowadays as competition of hiring has raised significantly. As recruiting and choosing a right candidate is the most prominent thing for HR Departments and Recruitment Agencies, so is to have a well organized Applicant Tracking Software for them. Just as performance is a key point for any athlete so is to have a better candidate for any firm. Hefty but easy-to-use software becomes an urging thing for recruiters.


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