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Paul Arienzale
Digital Marketing Expert and Web Developer


Sales and Marketing | Software Development | Design and Multimedia | Email Marketing | SEO and SEM | Social Media Marketing | CMS | Web Development | eCommerce | Design Templates | Graphic Design | Web and Mobile Tools | Website and Blog | Optimization | Content Marketing


English Proficiency: Business
Other Languages: French


Originally from France, I arrived in Montreal 2 years ago to pursue my career after my first job and obtaining my Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Digital Communication, my goal is to deepen my knowledge related to my vocation. My diploma in hand, I find a job in the web agency Lineage SEO in Orleans. For 3 years, I specialized in the field of SEO, optimization and web development. It is with great experience of the world of web marketing that I arrive in Quebec. I get a job at the Studio Point DeVue, a photography studio specializing in real estate. Self-taught by nature, I quickly learn the art of photography and image processing to meet the demands of the job. After getting enough know-how in these areas, I made the decision to leave my job at Studio Point DeVue to devote myself to creating my own Web Marketing Agency named Light Studio. In creating my agency, my vision is to provide a tailored service to small and medium-sized businesses to enable them to obtain quality visibility on the web, at realistic and competitive prices.


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