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Open HRMS is an all-inclusive, comprehensive suite of application for managing your Human Resource in the most efficient manner. It is the most advanced open source software application that caters to every human resourcing needs of a business. Open HRMS efficiently and effectively manages the Human Resource Department of an organization, no matter how big or small they are. Open HRMS through the robust and diversified features, strives to keep employees motivated, happy, personally engaged and contributive to company success. Furthermore, Open HRMS helps the HR professionals to uphold the development of organizational culture and climate, enhancing the employee’s competency. In addition, it helps in getting stay tuned to employee concerns for easy eradication of company problems. Open HRMS, automates the routine and time-consuming HR tasks to a hassle-free and speedy actions. Every HR related activities including the employee recruitment, records management, appraisal, employee onboarding, benefits, timesheets and other miscellaneous administrative tasks are precisely and credibly managed by Open HRMS. Being an open source, one can also flawlessly customize the Open HRMS software according to your company requisites and HR Workflows, assuring more ease. Open HRMS efficiently captures, stores and gives quick access to necessary information in one single click, unlike traditional work approach. One can complete the processes in simple steps and channelize efforts to more strategic and planned routes. Open HRMS automates every HR management tasks and thereby improve the productivity of the workplace.


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