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Collin Tovar
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Social Cycle helps coaches, agencies and e-commerce generate leads on social media.


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Organize your social media sales funnel with our 3 main features: 1. Search Engine (Target) Generate leads on social media who are engaging in real time with specific hashtags, locations, or similar pages to yours. Social Cycle helps entrepreneurs and agencies on social media be at the right place at the right time by allowing timely access to relevant leads. 2. Cycle Workflow (Engage) Organize your manual task workflow (Follows, Likes, Comments, Messages). The Cycle Workflow is designed to help you easily streamline your lead generation strategy without compromising your account health or safety. Protect yourself from social media shadow banning. 3. Cycle Score (Track) Track your progress towards your new lead goals to effectively measure the ROI from your time. Leads are automatically tagged based on their engagement with you on social media which include followbacks and message responses. This will move them through your Cycle from cold to warm to hot so you gain full visibility on each stage within your social media sales funnel.


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