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Riccardo Soff
United States
Entrepreneur & Investor - I help Startups succeed.


Software Development | API Tools | Bug Trackers | Development Tools | Frameworks and Libraries | FTP | Mobile Development | Testing and Analytics | Web Development | Usability Testing


English Proficiency: Fluent


E-commerce - Sourcing, Buying, Content Management, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Retargeting, Display Advertising, Social Advertising, Global Logistics, Sales Tax Compliance, Customer Service and Support, Operational Metrics and Analytics. Specialties: Brand and Audience Engagement - SMM and SEM Audience Intelligence & Advanced Targeting Promotions & Interactive Apps Multi channel Publishing & Audience Network Semantic Listening & Social Stream Management Advanced Analytics & Sentiment Analysis Advocacy & Loyalty Programs Strategic Sales, Business Development, Brand Consulting, Relationship Management, Negotiation, Project Management, Process Engineering and Tactical Operations.


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