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Ruben Lozano
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Sales and Marketing | Operations and Workflow | Project Management | Measure and Track | Design and Multimedia | Document Generation | Sales Intelligence | Surveys and Forms | Campaign Management | Event Management | Marketing Automation | Email Marketing | SEO and SEM | Competitive Intelligence | Social Media Marketing | E-Signature | ERP | Inventory Management | Project Management Tools | Analytics Software | Business Intelligence | Data Visualization | Design Templates | Graphic Design | Music Recording | Content Marketing


English Proficiency: Business
Other Languages: Spanish


Ruben Lozano is Online Marketing Specialist at Printsome and Inbound Marketing Manager at RoomAgree. His specialities include Growth Hacking Marketing and Inbound Marketing. When not at work, Ruben can be found playing basketball or in Starbucks drinking a mocha and at least 3 books in his Kaft backpack.


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