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Automated customer journeys across any platform, in minutes.
Suited for: Enterprises
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What is it all about?

2 Steps allows organisations using Splunk for IT operations to monitor mobile apps, websites, Windows applications and mainframe software interfaces without setting up coding or scripts. For the first time, Splunk users have the capability to set up synthetic tests without agents running within the application being monitored. 2 Steps also creates video replay of application issues within Splunk, making it simple for IT specialists to quickly identify problems.


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Key Features

2 Steps will provide companies with many benefits in their software development and upgrades: Guaranteed Reliability: Because 2 Steps works across all platforms, organisations won't need to test products through each platform individually. As developers create or tweak software, they will be able to tell immediate how the software reacts across the various platforms. This also ensures customers will be satisfied as they use the software from their company's mainframe all the way to their mobile devices with the same ease and reliability. Saves Time: Not having to test and monitor software across various platforms or write code for each platform will allow highly-paid software developers to focus on what they are paid to focus on, improving the software package. This allows companies to roll out new versions of their software more quickly and respond to customers' ever-evolving needs. Saves Money: All of that time saved also is money saved. If a customer service representative is able to evaluate a customers' problem and replicate the problem, then the software developer only needs to handle the fix, not the entire evaluation process. Also, if the 2 Steps evaluation determines there is no problem with the software, the customer can move more quickly to discover where the problem might be coming on their end. Digestible Data: 2 Steps' reporting system also is easily understood all along the corporate structure. No longer will IT specialists need to explain uses in "plain English" to sales and corporate leaders because they will be able to show video to detail the situation. Customer Satisfaction: Beyond providing reliable service, companies will be able to roll out upgrades faster and with more dynamic changes, ensuring their customers remain happy with their products. Companies interested in learning more about how 2 Steps will revolutionise their application monitoring processes can see demonstrations and sign up for a free four-week trial at www.2steps.io. Companies also can request a free copy of the company's e-book, "The Definitive Guide to Experience Automation," through the website.


While synthetic monitoring has been around for web-based applications for more than a decade, 2 Steps will disrupt the business by offering experience automation across any platform, be it web-based, Windows, Java or mobile apps. 2 Steps can monitor any software that can be run on a virtual machine. And all can be done with the click of a mouse, no need to write extra code specific to a company's software. Because it does not require code, anyone in the company can run tests on the software, either to test changes or upgrades in software or to replicate problems a customer may experience with the software. In addition to pinpointing problems and potential problems, 2 Steps creates video that developers can use to better understand and better explain issues and how they might be affecting customers. 2 Steps also provides detailed reporting that is easy to understand and useful for everyone in the company, from the development team to the sales team to the C-suite.



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Price varies depending on the number of applications monitored.

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