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Brand Centre Digital Asset Management App

Brand Centre

by Adgistics

The home of intelligent brands®
Suited for: Smbs, Enterprises
Helps with: Campaign Management,Digital Asset Management,File Sharing So ...
Languages: English, Arabic, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
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What is it all about?

Our Brand Centre software solutions have a successful track record in significantly improving the effectiveness of brand management. They are flexible in size and structure, mirroring your brand architecture and business language. The functionality of a Brand Centre can be further enhanced by adding readily scalable modules, helping your business to create a measurable profit centre around brand activities.

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Key Features

We take pride in appearance of our Brand Centres. That’s why we spend time to ensure that your Brand Centre is a true digital embodiment of your brand. The site will work the way you do, from style to tone-of-voice to navigation. In order to achieve this we can work from existing online guidelines, replicate the look of any of your commercial sites, or take a brief from you and design a look and feel for your Brand Centre from scratch. Site administrators can enable, disable and edit all users of the system's accounts via the user management section. Management is straightforward yet secure, and allows administrators to ensure that all users are granted appropriate access to the system. Our system will allow user roles to be assigned and managed to ensure that varying levels of defined access can be granted enabling the protection of your brand materials and information. Access can be assigned at the business unit site and asset level. Registered users are assigned a role per site; the role determines the level of access they will receive along with the abilities they will inherit. Each brand site can have different and unique roles, and by default we provide the roles below for Brand Centre users. If a user is to have access to a business unit site, a role will be assigned to them upon registration approval. One of the key requirements for any brand centre is that it must be easy to find content. With this in mind, a cross-site search against content held within the various brand sites will be available for all users. The Adgistics cross-site search feature is based upon a set of business terms that are assigned to assets on upload. These terms are metadata, keywords, synonyms and acronyms that can be applied to assets at the brand site level. After adding this intelligence to your assets, finding them again becomes much simpler. Cross-site search is available to users from any content page of the brand centre. Your brand centre will be accessible at any time, using standard internet browser software on any platform, from anywhere in the world. No browser extensions or plugins are required. As long as you can access the internet, you will always have access to the assets and information stored upon your system.


Brand Centres educate and enable, they illustrate through interactive guides and best practice how your brand assets should be used, improving efficiency and protecting brand equity. The Brand Centre can be optionally enhanced with our configurable and scalable modules. Brand-led Campaign Management Tools support marketing execution and budget management. Generate real-time statistics to assess key metrics and achieve successful campaigns in a user-friendly environment. The Manage and Create platform can be set up with dashboards that report real-time statistics to help assess key performance indicators and plan out the appropriate steps needed to achieve a successful and profitable campaign. Enable rules-based customisation of brand materials across markets worldwide. Automatically adapt for output and fulfillment across multiple channels. Enable Digital Marketers and Brand Managers to reduce adaptation time and costs from agencies; to review and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns; to deliver accurate media-ready materials; and to deliver large digital files and digital assets. Track, monitor and analyse social media conversations around your brand to build a community of brand ambassadors and a culture of best practice. Empower your brand assets to achieve a greater social reach and create an engaging online community of loyal brand followers.



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Our Brand Value Management solutions are easy to implement and pricing is generally based on a monthly license fee (not per user) which reinforces the commitment to driving adoption after implementation.

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