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FlyData Sync Cloud Integration (iPaaS) App

FlyData Sync

by FlyData Inc

Sync your RDS MySQL to Amazon Redshift, Continuously and Automatically
Suited for: Enterprises
Helps with: Cloud Integration (iPaaS)
Languages: English, Japanese
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What is it all about?

FlyData sync loads your data automatically and continuously from MySQL databases.

Once you finish initial setting up, FlyData Sync starts loading without any additional steps in every five minutes, which keeps your data always updated.

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Who is it for?


Key Features

1. Monitor and fetch all changes added on MySQL databases. 2. Transforming Data on Amazon S3 3. Transferring Data to Amazon Redshift


1. Sync Data in Minutes You no longer have to worry about dumping your database periodically, or the waiting time associated with loading large amounts of data to Redshift. By going through the initial setup once, you can have FlyData collect changes made to your MySQL databases, and Sync-ed with your Redshift cluster. 2. Automate Data Loading FlyData loads your data automatically so that you can save time managing data integration. Any INSERT/UPDATE/DELETEs made on your MySQL database will be monitored by our FlyData Agent, and will automatically be applied to your Redshift cluster. 3.Upload Data Continuously FlyData streamlines your data flow by continuously capturing changes made, and parallel processing data loading in an optimized manner. By continuously uploading your data instead of batch uploading, your data will be available for queries in near-real time. Your data will be there when you need it.



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