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QuickSchools CRM App


by QuickSchools Inc.

Powerfully Simple School Management
Suited for: Freelancers, Smbs, Enterprises, Startups, Agencies
Helps with: CRM,Learning Management System
Languages: English, Arabic, French, Spanish
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What is it all about?

QuickSchools is the first fully online school management system, designed especially for smaller schools. We provide you with everything you need, from entering report cards to tracking attendance. And the best part is that all of this information is securely hosted in the cloud!

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Key Features

1. STUDENT INFORMATION Get easy access to student particulars, their grades, schedules, address, parents info, disciplinary records, extra-curricular activities, and any reports, anytime. 2. TEACHER INFORMATION Track your teacher's particulars, residential addresses and other data. QuickSchools is always online so your teachers can access their schedule anytime. 3. PARENT ACCESS Parents can log in and view their children's information anytime through the Parent Portal. Parents can keep track of their child's attendance, workload and progress! 4. ATTENDANCE TRACKING Track daily attendance by homeroom, period or subject. Easy to use interface to check off your students. 5. ONLINE GRADEBOOK Customized to suit your needs with one personal online gradebook for each teacher. The online gradebook feature enables teachers to enter grades frequently. 6. REPORT CARDS Report cards are fully customizable - you get to have your own grading criteria, grading flow, report card format. You can print beautiful report cards and transcripts. 7. TRANSCRIPTS You can create beautiful transcripts quickly and efficiently and never worry about losing them ever. It will always be safe in QuickSchools. 8. HOMEWORK You can create homework assignments in seconds and share them instantly with your students. 9. SCHEDULING SIMPLIFIED You can generate the school's schedules easily. You can view schedules by student, teacher or class. You can view and print a PDF version of the schedule. 10. ADMISSIONS Manage enquiries to your school all in one place. Move enquiries to applications stage seamlessly right through the time to successfully enroll the student into the right class. 11. FEE TRACKING AND ONLINE PAYMENTS A simple and straightforward fee tracking module that helps you track fees effectively. 12. EMAIL, TEXT, AND VOICE MESSAGING Have a message you need to communicate urgently? Send out text and recorded voice messages to parents anytime. 13. REPORT CREATOR View your information exactly how you want with Report Creator. Available from the App Store and standard with the Athena plan, this feature lets you build, run, save, and share your own reports from scratch. 14. STATE REPORTING Go green and streamline your sign-in/sign-out process at the same time with our dedicated app. 15. SIGN-IN & SIGN-OUT Save time and streamline your data with QuickSchools state-reporting. Formatted for your state’s needs, the State Reporting app lets you generate required reports easily.


Benefits of the QuickSchools Online School Management System: 1. It's intuitive and easy-to-use - Teachers find our software a joy to use, and they can't live without it once they've started. 2. Training - All teachers, administrators and parents who use the system have 24-hour access to training material, all for free. Guided walk-through integrated right within the system tell your users what to do, step-by-step. No need to pay for expensive training. 3. Continuous upgrades - We continuously update and upgrade the QuickSchools system with the latest best practices, which you will receive automatically. This will help your school keep up with the rapidly changing technical landscape without any extra effort on your part. 4. Support - Our technical support can assist you with any technical problems you may face. Support is provided by online chat, email, and phone. QuickSchools, unlike other school management systems, works on an entirely different model. You don't install hardware and software, you don't manage backups, nothing like that. We manage all of that on our end. Simply connect via the Internet to your school site on QuickSchools.com.



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1. Gaia Plan starts at US$ 0.99 per user per month.

2. Apollo Plan (Recommended Plan) starts at US$ 1.49 per user per month

3. Athena Plan starts at US$ 2.99 per user per month

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