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Ravello Systems Remote Access App

Ravello Systems

by Ravello Systems

On-demand dev & test environments in any cloud
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What is it all about?

With Ravello, enterprises can encapsulate their multi-VM applications and run them anywhere – on-premise or in any cloud – without making any changes whatsoever, and thereby implement a true hybrid cloud. Ravello is offered via an easy to use Software-as-a-Service and enables developers, devops and IT to use the unlimited resources of the public cloud to develop and test their applications.

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Key Features

- Instantly create multi-tier dev, test & staging environments Ravello saves a blueprint of your application, enabling you to automatically spin up multiple instances of the entire multi-tier application/ - Run your VMware workloads unmodified in AWS - same VMs, same networking Enables an enterprise to completely encapsulate a multi-VM application and run it in any cloud. Creates an overlay network for your application in the public cloud and automatically sets up your network configurations with a virtual switch. - Empower developers with self-service access Multiple developers and test engineers can easily create their own multi-tier application environments based on application blueprints.


Ravello enables you to run your existing VMware or KVM workloads completely unmodified in any public cloud, for dev & test. Complex networking including static IPs, multiple subnets and VLANs stays the same. No conversions or cloud migrations are required, thus ensuring your cloud-based dev & test environments are replicas of your on-premises production.



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