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What is it all about? fills the need that a growing number of people and businesses have to publish content in an efficient and impacting way. By combining a big data semantic technology that helps them quickly find relevant content with an easy-to-use social publishing platform, we help them show their expertise, develop their online visibility, enrich their blogs or web sites, save time managing their social media channels and build their communities of interests.

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GET WORLD CLASS CONTENT SUGGESTIONS -Our big data semantic technology filters the Web to find great content. -Get started in seconds by entering just a few keywords to find and scoop content in any language -Add your perspective to each scoop to increase SEO & engagement CREATE BEAUTIFUL CONTENT HUBS IN MINUTES -Set up SEO-optimized content hubs for each of your editorial themes by choosing a title, corresponding keywords and then scooping content into the hub. -Each hub then becomes a destination for your audience. BRAND AND CUSTOMIZE YOUR CONTENT HUBS -Customize each hub to match your brand and include form fields and links. -Choose from pre-set templates or modify them with custom HTML and generate leads from each hub through the content you publish. SHARE GREAT CONTENT TO YOUR SOCIAL CHANNELS -Distribute content by connecting your social accounts to your profile on with a few clicks. -Connect Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google +. -You can also use our bookmarklet to scoop and share any other content you discover out on the web. MOBILE APPS -Publish on the go with mobile apps -Download our fully functional iPad app or our iPhone and Android apps to discover content on the go. -Save time curating and distributing content. PUBLISH CONTENT TO YOUR WEBSITE TO GENERATE LEADS -Easily integrate with Wordpress, Wix and other platforms to drive traffic and leads to your Website from both search and social media. -Choose from a simple embed code, a hosted subdomain, a specialized Wordpress connection or a full API integration. BENEFIT FROM POWERFUL ANALYTICS -Optimize your marketing strategy by measuring the impact of your content through analytics presented in a beautiful, visual and digestible format. -Measure views, visitors, shares and comments per day or per scoop and also integrate with Google Analytics. EASILY CREATE ENGAGING NEWSLETTERS -Generate newsletters from each of your content hubs with one click to engage with prospects or customers. -Choose from pre-set templates or modify them with custom HTML. -Create campaigns with one click via a MailChimp integration or download and import into any email system. CURATE CONTENT AS A TEAM -Save time by spreading curation tasks among your team. -Simply invite them from any topic via the "Teams" tab whether or not they are a current user. -Let colleagues help market your business by curating on their areas of expertise.


Discover: Automate your content discovery through our big-data semantic technology. Curate: Select, edit and enrich the most relevant content. Publish in 1 click. Publish: To your social networks, web sites, blogs, newsletters, white-labelled content sites or even your private intranet.



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