SOX-XL Spreadsheets App


by CIMCON Software Inc

Enterprise Spreadsheet Controls
Suited for: Enterprises
Helps with: Spreadsheets
Languages: English
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What is it all about?

SOX-XL is a web-based solution that implements end-user computing controls for Excel spreadsheets that include spreadsheet security, role-based access, monitoring via cell-level audit trails, and workflow tools. SOX-XL is a highly effective solution for managing Excel risk, with minimal impact on existing business processes as spreadsheets do not need to be moved from their current locations.

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Key Features

Audit Trail, Workflow, Reporting & Security: Audit Trail: Tracks both user and administrator actions. Records user actions including changes to spreadsheet data and calculations. For each change, tracks the Date, Time, User ID, Full User Name, Cell Location, Action Type, Old Value and New Value. Configurable Reason Fields. Fully secure and protected. Audit Trail of user logins, logouts, invalid attempts, password changes and lockouts. Graphical views of audit Trail Audit Trail query functions Audit Trail archiving Workflow: Create approval processes from easy to build templates. Start manually or automatically based on events. Reporting: Web based dashboards for audit trail, workflow, and exception review. Drill down capabilities to show detailed information. Over 70 out of the box reports. Ad-hoc querying to develop customized reports. Scheduling of reports to be emailed Security: Built-in integration with Active Directory and Windows File Permissions. Security at cell, sheet and workbook level based on spreadsheet status


- Provides confidence in internal spreadsheet controls and process integrity to auditors that manual controls simply cannot provide. Reduces cost of regulatory compliance (e.g Sarbanes Oxley, Solvency II, etc.) while improving efficiency and productivity by making Business Processes Structured and Automated. Focuses time and money on areas of High Compliance and Business Risk. Automatic alerts notify managers of critical spreadsheet changes and errors. Reduces cost from tedious and time-consuming audits of uncontrolled spreadsheets or paper-based processes. Automated and structured process provides confidence in spreadsheet controls and process integrity to aid in attestation. Automated system with audit trail of key activities reduces errors and time spent in verification and approval activities. Implement a structured process to manage spreadsheets for reduced errors, quick analysis and review of the spreadsheet, saving time.



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