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Encrypt. Sync. Share. Control.
Suited for: Freelancers, Smbs, Enterprises, Startups
Helps with: Backup and Restore,Cloud Storage,Data Security,File Sharing ...
Languages: English, French, German, Hungarian, Spanish
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What is it all about?

Tresorit is a secure file synchronization software that uses the cloud to store encrypted data in order to make it shareable and accessible from everywhere.

Tresorit is specifically designed to share confidential data of business users. Encryption is performed before the data gets uploaded to the cloud, therefore, users of Tresorit do not require to trust the cloud provider or the communication links. Encrypted content handled by Tresorit is shareable without re-encryption and sharing is rever


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Who is it for?


Key Features

Tresorit protects the files you never want leaked or lost. You can work with your most sensitive documents without second thoughts. Use Tresorit to keep control – even when you share with coworkers, clients or vendors. End-to-end encryption ensures the no Tresorit admin, hacker or government can access your data. Hacking even just one file takes lifetimes. To prove this, the company offered $50,000 if someone hacks our system. 1000 hackers from 49 countries tried, but no one succeeded. Also, Tresorit handles data under Swiss privacy laws that provide stronger protection than similar laws in the US or even the EU. Every file added to Tresorit is automatically encrypted and uploaded to the cloud. Any changes are instantly backed up to Tresorit’s servers located in the EU, protected with top-notch physical security and disaster prevention systems.


Tresorit is the most secure way to store and share files in the cloud. Tresorit uses “client-side encryption” to guarantee this. Your files are secured before they leave your device and remain fully encrypted until they reach the recipient. Only you have the keys to open or share them. This means that no Tresorit admin, hacker or government can access the data you store. Hacking just one file would take a lifetime. Secure services are usually a pain to use, but Tresorit's ease of use has been praised by Forbes, PCWorld and thousands of users. Our ratings on all app stores rival those of Dropbox. Tresorit offers the governance controls which businesses expect today. These controls are embedded in the product, not integrated using other applications. Our Admin Center allows company administrators to implement mandatory 2-Step Verification, limit access based on location, wipe remote devices and set other global security policies.



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You will only be charged if you continue using Tresorit Premium or Business after 14 and 30 days, respectively. You get full access to Premium & Business features throughout the trial. You can cancel anytime.

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