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Suited for: Smbs, Enterprises
Helps with: Data Security,Optimization,Vulnerability Management
Languages: English
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What is it all about?

CoudFlare protects and accelerates any website online. Once your website is a part of the CloudFlare community, its web traffic is routed through our intelligent global network. We automatically optimize the delivery of your web pages so your visitors get the fastest page load times and best performance.


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Key Features

No configuration necessary: You do not have to spend time designating which files to cache. CloudFlare’s technology builds the cache for you based on your traffic and what objects on your site are safe to serve from the edge. Works with static and dynamic content: CloudFlare caches static resources including JavaScript, CSS and images. Your dynamic content continues to be served direct from your web server automatically. You can choose which sub domains that you want to be a part of CloudFlare’s CDN and which ones that you do not. Page Rules: Provide you with fine-grained control of CloudFlare on each page of your site. You can enable full HTML caching, individually customize CloudFlare’s features on a page by page basis or enable edge network forwarding to improve page delivery even further. Always Online: If your server ever goes offline, CloudFlare will serve a limited copy of your cached website to keep it online for your visitors. CloudFlare builds the Always Online™ version of your website, so your most popular pages are represented. Protect against traffic surges: If you get a surge in traffic, CloudFlare’s CDN will absorb the effect so your server stays online. On average, you'll see 65% fewer requests to your servers and save 60% of your bandwidth, even with CloudFlare's free plan. Automatic IPv6: Make your site available to visitors on IPv6 networks with the click of a button. No need to rush to upgrade your infrastructure. Keep your IPv4 infrastructure until you're ready, we'll make it seem to the world you're running a modern dual-stack. Rock solid reliability: With CloudFlare’s distributed network, if there is an issue in one of the data centers, visitors to the other data centers are unaffected. If the issue persists, our system can easily reroute visitors to the next closest data center. The end result is a seamless experience for your visitors. Check out our network map to learn more. For more information about CloudFlare's reliability and uptime guarantees, visit our Enterprise page. Works with other CDNs: If you’re already using a CDN, CloudFlare works as a complement. You have the choice of routing CDN traffic through CloudFlare first (saving you bandwidth & money) or bypassing CloudFlare altogether for your CDN traffic.


CloudFlare CDN: Distribute your content around the world so it’s closer to your visitors (speeding up your site). CloudFlare optimizer: Web pages with ad servers and third party widgets load snappy on both mobile and computers. CloudFlare security: Protect your website from a range of online threats from spammers to SQL injection to DDOS. CloudFlare analytics: Get insight into all of your website’s traffic including threats and search engine crawlers. CloudFlare apps: Makes installing web apps on your site fast, safe and one-click simple.



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