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Suited for: Freelancers, Smbs, Enterprises
Helps with: Cloud Management,Cloud Storage,Digital Asset Management
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What is it all about?

CloudSigma's virtualization is based on KVM and includes full CPU instruction set, flexible CPU provisioning, NUMA topology exposure and QEMU VIRTIO (para-visualization). Key differentiators include flexible operating system options, mount-your-own image; hardware layer encryption for storage; decoupling of CPU, RAM and storage; automatic redundancy and fail-over; customized Firewall/Network and a secure data center conforming to strict Swiss data privacy laws.


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Key Features

True flexibility: No fixed server sizes, unbundled resources that deliver your needs! State of the art networking: We know that a customer needs stability and speed, so this is what we offer. Super fast storage: Traditional hard drivers are slow and Solid State Drivers (SSD) are fast. We've gone all-in on SSD and the result is amazing. CloudSigma also provides Private deployment patching to public cloud, Hybrid deployment as well as a Networking-as-a-Service solution. Direct private patch/hybrid cloud capability CloudSigma’s unique private-patching technology was first introduced with the launch of CloudSigma 2.0 in mid-June and was a primary catalyst for Equinix’s subsequent partnership, announced in early July. With CloudSigma’s private-patching capabilities, customers can leverage the elasticity of public cloud with private IP connectivity only; all without performance sapping VPNs. CloudSigma’s ability to closely match customers’ private environments makes it an ideal choice for hybrid hosting. Firewalls-as-a-Service - advanced network policy management across all cloud locations With CloudSigma’s new network policies, customers are able to configure and constrain both inbound and outbound traffic while defining these policies in a simple fashion within the Web interface or directly over the API. The policies range from a single rule that blocks all external public IP traffic, to complex schemes that only allow connections to certain ports from a set of IPs. Network policies are saved then applied to one or more virtual servers as required. Furthermore, network policies can be reconfigured and re-applied to running servers without service disruption. We are also the first public IaaS provider to offer a cloud ecosystem for media professionals and media services consumers with free incoming data transfer, called Media Cloud Ecosystem. It has grown by 150% in the past 6 months which marks its relevance nowadays when media professional are in a great need of high-performance compute, storage and data transfer capabilities.


Open software layer (run any x86 OS with Full root/administrative access) Full unbundled resources and utility pricing (no fixed server sizes and per unit pricing) Fast all-SSD resilient storage at magnetic storage prices Transparent private patch capability for Hybrid cloud (extend cloud private networks diretly over private patches) Dual 10GigE networking offering up to 7Gbps between cloud VMs Highest price/performance point in the industry A Swiss location offering a safe data environment. Free resource tier across all our clouds! Every paying CloudSigma account automatically qualifies for the following free tier of resources: 1GB of RAM 50 GB of fast SSD storage 5 TB of outbound data transfer (incoming is free and unlimited)



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Subscriptions based and on-demand Pay-per-Use models. The longer the subscriptions period, the bigger the discount. Pay-per-Use on 5-minute billing increments.

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