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MongoDB Database Management Cloud Management App

MongoDB Database Management

by ScaleGrid

Fully managed MongoDB Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS)
Suited for: Smbs, Enterprises, Startups
Helps with: Backup and Restore,Cloud Integration (iPaaS),Cloud Managemen ...
Languages: English
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What is it all about?

Fully managed MongoDB and Redis hosting solution that automates all of your database management needs and optimizes the performance of your deployments.

ScaleGrid database hosting and management is the easiest way to deploy, monitor, backup and scale your MongoDB deployments and includes premium management tools to customize and configure your database operations. ScaleGrid offers the most competitive solution on the market with unparalleled features and 100% control over your deployments.


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Key Features

Customizable RAM, Disk Size & Instance Type - Customize RAM, disk size, IOPS and instance type for each size at no extra cost. Dedicated Virtual/Physical Machines - No shared instances or processes. Use full RAM & disk resources. Bring Your Own Cloud Account: AWS & Azure - Deploy clusters of all sizes in your own AWS or Azure account. Virtual Private Clouds - Deploy your clusters in an AWS VPC or Azure VNET for increased security. MongoDB Shard Support - Scale horizontally by adding and removing shards. Custom Replica Set Configuration - Customize replica set size - 2+1, 3, 5, etc. Cross Datacenter Configurations - Distribute replica sets across datacenters. SSH Access to the Underlying Machine - Root access to the underlying machines. Install custom software agents. Slow Query Analysis - Analyze clusters to identify problem queries and determine the relevant indexes. Monitoring Console with OS & Mongo Metrics - Detailed dashboard of all the OS and MongoDB metrics. Custom Alerts - Configure custom alerts on OS and MongoDB metrics of your choice. Multiple MongoDB Version Support - Use a MongoDB version of your choice. Up to three major versions supported. Custom Schedule for Backups - Set a custom schedule for your backups. Automated Restore of Backup - One-click restore of a backup. Zero Network Copy Backup and Restore - Backup and restore huge databases without network copy. Monthly Reports - Get monthly reports on database usage and growth. EC2 EBS Provisioned IOPS - Configure provisioned IOPS for predictable I/O EC2 Local SSD - Use local SSD disks for high disk read/write performance.


- Reduce your database management time - Manage database operations in one central console - Improve the security of your deployments - Increase your availability - Reduce long-term hosting costs - Reduce wasted cloud space - Automate your database monitoring - Identify and improve performance issues - Automate maintenance operations - Scale dynamically with no downtime - Consult with expert support staff



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ScaleGrid offers three different hosting plans:
- Bring Your Own Cloud
- Dedicated Clusters
- Shared Clusters

Pricing is billed monthly based on usage.

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Integrates With

MongoDB Database Management
Microsoft Azure


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