FossLook Office Software App


by Foss-On-Line

business automation, document management, workflow software
Suited for: Freelancers, Enterprises, Agencies
Helps with: Office Software
Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian
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What is it all about?

FossLook is a powerful, yet easy to use Business Automation Platform that keeps all aspects of your business together in one place, allowing your entire team to work more efficiently, make smarter decisions and better accomplish your business goals.

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Key Features

Web Server FossLook provides a web interface so if a computer does not have the FossLook client installed, the user can still use FossLook through the web interface, it has all of the functionalities of FossLook directly on your browser. Document Libraries You can create libraries containing custom documents, configure document permissions and sharing. This feature will help you to automate your business. Document Workflows You can create document workflows using visual editor. You can manage document flow manually or use a workflow template that can move documents through all necessary steps automatically. Mail Server FossLook has a built-in mail server so you can send/receive messages using platform's client software. FossLook server supports mailboxes on your own domain as well as mailboxes on popular mail severs like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Therefore, your mail and documents can be stored in one database. Document History and Statistics You can easily check who worked on the document, what they changed and when this was done. All document's work statistics is stored on the server and you can access it through document's user interface. Electronic Digital Signature You can use ES to sign files attached to documents. Also it's possible to check validity of ES. Recurring Tasks Often user needs to be reminded about something: for example, about the meeting or about any problems with a specific document. This functionality implemented by means of the external module named "Recurring Tasks". Printing Templates FossLook has the ability to print documents from a template. You can create templates in MS Word. Templates can be set to be filled-out automatically.


- improved search - your documents are easy accessible from anywhere - smart backup and recovery - better collaboration possibilities - strong security - reduced storage costs - environmentally friendly



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Freely distributable version with no restrictions on functionality and time of use. Basic technical support is provided for everyone who downloaded the free version. Software updates are also available.

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