Infinit File Sharing Software App


by Infinit

The smartest way to share files
Suited for: Freelancers, Smbs, Enterprises
Helps with: Data Security,File Sharing Software,FTP
Languages: English
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What is it all about?

Infinit is a file sharing application that allows sending files and folders of unlimited size through a simple drag & drop.

Thanks to its peer-to-peer technology, files are sent directly from the sender's to the recipient's computer without going through the Cloud leading to transfers between 2 to 30 times faster than WeTransfer, YouSendIt or Dropbox.

Also, files are encrypted with a key known only to the recipient, ensuring complete privacy.

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Who is it for?


Key Features

Infinit provides two ways to share: - Send to someone: drag & drop, select a contact and click 'Send'. The files are encrypted and sent in peer-to-peer ensuring both privacy and speed. - Create a link: drag & drop on the Link icon and a link is automatically generated and put in your clipboard for you to put it in an email, tweet or elsewhere on the Web.


Infinit is: - Free - Unlimited: send files and folders of any size - Faster: 2 to 30 times faster than WeTransfer, Dropbox or YouSendIt - Seamless: even if you close your computer or lose your Internet connection, your transfer will never be canceled. When you come back online, they automatically resume. - Simple: just drag & drop your files on the Infinit icon, select one or more contacts to send to and click 'Send'. It only takes 4 seconds. Infinit allows users to send folders as simply as files, without having to zip them.



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Infinit relies on a freemium model with users being able to get a premium account by referring the product to their friends.

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