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Suited for: Freelancers, Smbs, Enterprises, Startups, Agencies
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What is it all about?

Rebrandly is for individuals, small businesses and enterprises who are forced to choose between long alphanumeric URL’s or ugly, unpronounceable, and anonymous short links when sharing content. Rebrandly allows users to create short links with their brand name, instill trust and offer a “cool” factor previously only available to multi-national global brands.


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Who is it for?


Key Features

-Increased brand awareness The link features the brand name, so regardless of what content is being shared (even if it’s pointing customers to other brand’s content), your brand is being shared every time. On average, we’ve calculated that for every domain used with branded links, brands can expect up to nearly 8 million impressions. -Increased trust The fact that you are willing to attach your brand name to the link you are sharing guarantees for your followers that you are not redirecting them to spam or phishing sites, but that the content you are linking them to is relevant to them and consistent with your brand. This increased trust can improve CTR (click through rate) up to 39% when compared to generic short urls or long, unbranded links. (We are creating a white paper on this figure that will be available very soon.) -Link management We’ve found that people tend to share links without full control over them. Traditionally users haven’t been able to edit or delete links once shared. Having a tool that allows link management is essential, especially for big brands who have to maintain strong and consistent communications with followers. -Click tracking Brands need to know which marketing source is most valuable for their links. They need to know which links produce the most and the best traffic results (conversions.) -Advanced redirect If you can have control over the destination a link brings users to, based on the natural behavior of that user, brands can optimize the conversion rate. You can deliver more relevant and customized messages to users. -Retargeting You can add people who click on links to your main retargeting lists, increasing your top funnel traffic by 500% -Link deliverability & security Using your domain name, which is assumed to be trusted and not blacklisted, improves the deliverability of every message containing a link that is shared via social media or a mailing system.


Rebrandly enables you to reinforce your brand with every link you share to connect with your audience. Creating personalized branded links puts your brand in the spotlight, instead of a nonsensical, a meaningless string of letters. Rebrandly adds value to content marketing. By sharing relevant and insightful content with your audience you build a community of loyal followers- and over time you also build trust. By sharing this coveted content with uniquely branded links you’re increasing the chance that your followers will engage with it- and hopefully share it too. Branded links inspire more engagement. The reason we share links is that we want people to engage with them, and it’s becoming more and more difficult to engage with an audience that’s so constantly bombarded with information. Sharing generic links is not only ineffective, it’s a huge wasted opportunity! The moment you start branding your links with a relevant, personalized message you start connecting with your audience in a much more personal, meaningful way. Rebrandly is a valuable tool for creating a stronger overall presence for your brand online. With Rebrandly, a meaningless link can become a cool opportunity to build your brand.



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