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UpSellit Email ReMarketing Email Marketing App

UpSellit Email ReMarketing

by UpSellit

Generate New Leads & Recover Lost Conversions
Suited for: Smbs, Enterprises
Helps with: Email Marketing,Optimization
Languages: English
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What is it all about?

UpSellit's Email ReMarketing is a full-featured remarketing platform that helps you generate leads, maintain email lists, and recover otherwise lost conversions. Powered by a team of website abandonment specialists, each Email Remarketing campaign is backed by creative content that perfect matches your site's branding. Our platform was built with customization in mind, meaning each campaign can be fine-tuned to fit your precise engagement strategy.

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Key Features

Email ReMarketing • Emails are custom designed to generate the highest open, clickthrough, and conversion rates. • Emails are designed by a team of experts to perfectly match your company's branding. • Staggered delivery allows you to set up precisely timed campaigns. • Dispatch emails that match user action by segmenting lists using cart value, time on site, referring URL, entrance page, and more. • Leverage visitor information and personalize messaging based on previous visits, geo-location, local time, and more. • All emails are optimized for mobile viewing. • Populate emails with dynamic images of products left in the cart to establish immediate relevance. • Include URLs that bring customers have to fully repopulated shopping carts. PreCapture • Collect leads from users that were typed but never submitted. • Save user contact information alongside visitor and session details to create full user profiles. • Automatically fix common typos to ensure maximum list usability. ExitCapture • Collect leads from users on the verge of abandoning. • Leverage user browsing data to serve relevant offers every time. • Dynamically populate engagements with images of last products viewed or products placed in the cart. • Offer customized incentives based on user action, cart value, and more. • Choose between predictive and reactive engagement methods for approaching abandoning users. • All engagements are designed by a team of abandonment specialists and are guaranteed to match your company's branding. Deliverability • Emails dispatched by UpSellit maintain deliverability rates exceeding 95%. • All Emails are fully compliant with any applicable regulations and legislation, including Canada's new CASL. • Full-access to subscription lists allows for easy list hygiene. • Campaign priorities ensure that customers aren't subscribed to multiple email series at once. Service • Each campaign is backed by a team of dedicated experts. • Access to advanced analytics allows you to see exactly where and why users are abandoning. • Ongoing A/B testing ensures maximum campaign performance. • Pay-for-Performance pricing means every recovered sale is a positive ROI. • No development or set-up fees. • No length-of-use contract.


UpSellit's Email ReMarketing solution combines two sophisticated lead-recovery technologies with a real-time email delivery platform: UpSellit's PreCapture technology saves an email address the instant it's typed, enabling you to remarket to consumers who abandon early in the checkout process. •PreCapture allows online merchants to expand their marketing reach even further by collecting contact information from visitors who would otherwise leave without a trace. •Leverage visitor browsing behavior to create complete user profiles. ExitCapture collects leads from visitors and the precise moment of abandonment. Powered by advanced abandonment detection technology, ExitCapture serves custom engagements to users, offering incentives in exchange for an email address. •Persuade users with a customized incentive to instantaneously turn abandons into conversions. •Initiate a dialogue with abandoning users by offering relevant and compelling offers. •Engage users just before abandonment gives the merchant another opportunity to market without disrupting shopping flow. QuickConnect, UpSellit's Real-Time Email Delivery Platform ensures that each message gets exactly where it needs to go at precisely the right time. •Advanced segmentation options allow merchants to dispatch different messages to specific customers based on cart value, product pages viewed, and much more. •UpSellit emails are professionally designed to match each company’s branding exactly.



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All UpSellit solutions operate on a pay-for-performance basis. We take a small percentage of each conversion recovered by our technologies; meaning we only make money when you do.

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