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Messaging For Teams | Make Work and Innovation Happen
Suited for: Freelancers, Smbs, Enterprises, Startups, Agencies
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What is it all about?

Zillable™ is the world’s first team collaboration network for innovation-on-demand. We’re where teams can make work and innovation happen. As a secured communication and collaboration hub, Zillable provides teams with an intelligent network that bridges minds and workflows by putting all the tools you’re already using in one place. With Zillable, you can chat, get stuff done and remember everything. For more information, please visit www.Zillable.com. Try it for Free.


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Key Features

Increase Productivity Reduce Email. Stop losing employee hours to excess emails Reduce Reworking. Stop burning money on endlessly reworking presentations Reduce Duplicate Efforts. Get rid of duplicate efforts with improved communication Transfer knowledge Idea Generation. Generate ideas for new products and improvements. Eliminate Information Silos. Easily and quickly give your team access to the right information. Real-time Insights. Make better decisions with collective knowledge. After all, two minds are better than one! Improve Process Time to Market. Usher new products and services to market faster. Support Communities. Share knowledge with customers and partners to reduce support costs. Co-Create. Co-design with customers and partners in open collaboration. Motivate Employees Engage Employees. Foster team productivity and innovation with engaging features. Increase Retention. Give challenges and increase job satisfaction and retention rates for your amazing teams. Decrease Sick Days. Make everyone’s work life easier and you’ll see counting the number of sick days becomes inconsequential. Accelerate Innovation Listen to customers. Use open collaboration with customer and partners to increase the rate of innovation. Challenge you teams. Tap into diverse perspectives and talents to solve problems faster. Apply Crowd Science. Use data science to select, predict and advance the finest ideas. Team Communication 24/7 Communicate with your teams in real-time with chat so that the lines of communication are always open to meet the demands of environments that can change so fast, your head spins. Content Creation Create and share content that can be accessed by other users in an open forum, fostering real initiative and forward-thinking solutions. Connections that Matter Establish connections that trump pre-ordained skillsets and departments, cultivating a well-rounded team that ensures the Enterprise is flexible and can lead in any direction. Collaboration and Beyond When the group works together on a specific goal, team members step up to the plate with confidence and commitment, achieving tasks and milestones in less time and smashing expectations of what the Enterprise thought was possible.


Improve team communications with document collaboration, project management, and innovation management. Reduce cost for collaboration tools for everyone, including R&D, HR, Sales, IT and Legal. Accelerate digital transformation with chat, online document, boards, ideation, video, and integrations with your favorite apps. Increase security and compliance with encryption, data retention policies, single sign on, ediscovery, and data loss prevention.



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Zillable offers four SMB and enterprise pricing plans for users to choose from. Give the details a look, and select the best plan for your business: https://www.zillable.com/pricing

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