Fileboard Sales Process Management App


by Fileboard

Present, screenshare and track results from your decks and sales calls
Suited for: Smbs, Enterprises
Helps with: Sales Intelligence,Sales Process Management
Languages: English
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What is it all about?

Do you want to get insights into the engagement of your prospects at each stage of your sales pipeline to help you prioritize your pipeline? Focusing on opportunities with real engagement allows you to to make 20% more prospecting calls, conduct 25% more meetings and close 50% more deals.

With Fileboard you can conduct live presentations, send/email presentations and conduct screen share with your prospects and view analytics on how your prospects have engaged with your presentations.

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Who is it for?


Key Features

1. Track Prospect Behavior: - Sales is all about talking to your customers and closing the deal when the time is right. Fileboard tracks and monitors how engaged prospects are with your content and your story. 2. Hassle-free Sales Focused Live Meetings: - Effortlessly present slides, videos, & live-demos all from your personal url. No codes to send out or software to download. 3. Easily share Files with Prospects: - Effortlessly share files, slides, videos and webpages with your prospects. 4. Powerful Lead Scoring and Tracking: - Fileboard’s lead scoring enables you to see which leads are ready to close, what content, presentation or email they reacted on, and when you’ve captured their attention. 5. Analyze your Sales Performance: - Powerful reports enable you and your team to optimize the ROI of your sales efforts and to understand which actions drive results. 6. Centralize your Sales Collateral: - Fileboard comes with full enterprise-grade file management. 7. Salesforce CRM Integration: - Your sales calls, sent files, sent emails and notes turn up right where they belong in your Salesforce accounts, leads or contacts without any effort on your part. 8. Enterprise-grade Team Management: - You’re probably not selling alone within your company. Fileboard enables you to organize and monitor your workflow by team, profile and sales rep. 9. Sell Anywhere: - Sales doesn’t stop when you leave the office. That’s why you can take Fileboard with you while on the move.


Make 20% more prospecting calls, conduct 25% more meetings and close 50% more deals! We created Fileboard because there are enough tools that measure the performance of sales professionals, but there are not many that help sales people with closing more business. We believe that every sales professional should have access to technology that helps to cope with challenges that more empowered buyers and changing sales processes bring. Namely the buyer is utilizing technology at different stages of the buying cycle from information gathering to make an informed decision without ever calling a single salesperson. The sales person is left in the dark. This is exactly where Fileboard comes in. Fileboard reveals at each stage of the sales process which prospects are engaged and likely move to next stage and what your conversations should be about. To facilitate transactions between salespeople and their prospects we created a platform in which salespeople are able to prioritize their sales pipeline and work with prospects through the sales cycle based upon their prospects engagement.



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