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Infusionsoft Sales Process Management App


by Infusionsoft

Small business sales and marketing software
Suited for: Freelancers, Smbs
Helps with: CRM,Marketing Automation,Sales Process Management
Languages: English
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What is it all about?

We help entrepreneurs rethink how to get organized, grow sales and save time. Our extensive ecosystem of products, services and local partners is focused on simplifying sales and marketing so that entrepreneurs can spend more time doing what they love.


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Key Features

Get Organized: Keep track of contacts, appointments, tasks and everything else about your business all in one place. Automate Marketing: Attract more leads and turn them into customers while you do other things. Close Sales: Infusionsoft helps business owners and sales teams spend more of their day growing sales with tools to get organized, quickly work through a list and automate follow-up. Sell Online: Manage your online store, inventory, fulfillment and billing from a single system.


Infusionsoft combines everything your business needs—contact management, CRM, marketing automation and e-commerce—into a single online system. It’s the easiest way to grow sales and save time. You can access Infusionsoft from any computer with an Internet connection and work from anywhere. Infusionsoft streamlines your processes by automating your lead capture and email follow-up. Offer up-sells, discounts, payment plans and subscription plans when selling online.



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Infusionsoft Review – Small Business CRM & More

Infusionsoft Review – Small Business CRM & More

By Bill Mann | 4/23/2016 | Product Analysis

If your small business needs CRM, Sales, or Marketing software, you’ll want to take a look at Infusionsoft®. This web-based platform is designed specifically for small businesses. It integrates and automates CRM, Sales, and Marketing processes to help your small business grow.

Infusionsoft Dashboard

Infusionsoft is such a comprehensive platform that it can serve multiple purposes in your organization. This is reflected in the way they sell their services. Let’s dive right in and take a look at the different plans before looking in more detail at the main elements that comprise these plans.

Infusionsoft Plans

They offer five different annual plans. The plans cater both to businesses of different sizes and to businesses with different focuses.

The plans are:

  • Essentials
  • Deluxe (Sales Automation)
  • Deluxe (E-commerce)
  • Complete
  • Team

To understand the differences, we need to take a look at each plan in a bit more depth.

Essentials Plan

This plan includes the core services of CRM and Marketing Automation. It is aimed at smaller companies or teams as it supports the fewest contacts and emails sent per month, with 3 users.

Infusionsoft CRM

Deluxe Plan for Sales Automation

This plan builds on the Essentials plan by adding in Infusionsoft’s Sales Automation tools. It also supports double the number of contacts and emails per month, and supports 4 users instead of 3.

Deluxe Plan for E-commerce

This plan builds on the Essentials plan by adding in Infusionsoft’s E-commerce tools rather than their Sales Automation tools. It also supports double the number of contacts and emails per month, and supports 4 users instead of 3.

Complete Plan

This plan combines the features of both Deluxe plans and again doubles the number of contacts and emails per month it will support. You can have 5 users with the Complete plan.

Team Plan

This is the Complete plan on steroids, doubling the number of supported contacts to 20,000. It also allows you to send up to 100,000 emails per month. You can have up to 10 users under the Team plan.

Kickstart Packages

The five plans we’ve just looked at govern how you will work with the Infusionsoft platform once it is up and running. But with any flexible, powerful system like this one, there is some significant startup work involved at the beginning.

To address this issue, Infusionsoft requires all new customers to buy one of their three Kickstart packages. The packages aim to get you started using their product quickly and efficiently. The three different packages target companies at different stages of creating and implementing the business strategies Infusionsoft will be part of.

The three Kickstart Packages are:

  • Kickstart Basic
  • Kickstart Plus
  • Kickstart Pro

Kickstart Basic is for businesses that need help figuring out a strategy, then applying Infusionsoft to help you achieve your goals. They help you plan, then provide one-on-one coaching to help you get your first campaign launched.

Kickstart Plus is for you if you already have a strategy for taking advantage of Infusionsoft and are instead looking for the fastest, most efficient way to get it implemented. The company will work with you to set your priorities, then an Infusionsoft expert will implement the plan for you.

With Kickstart Pro, Infusionsoft staff will work with you to decide on a plan that meets your unique business needs. Then Infusionsoft employees will do the implementation by setting up the software for you.

Now that you have a good sense of how the Infusionsoft platform is organized from the user perspective, let’s talk about the different parts of the software.

Infusionsoft Software Elements

Infusionsoft talks about their platform in terms of these four main elements: CRM, Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, E-commerce. There is much more that goes into the platform, such as Analytics, Mobile support, and Payment processing. However those elements support the four main ones.

The next step is clearly to look at the four main elements in more detail. We’ll start with CRM.

Infusionsoft CRM

Infusionsoft customer tracking software performs all the functions you would expect from a small business CRM solution. With it, you’ll have all the details of your company’s relationship with every customer stored and accessible in one place.

This solution handles contact management, storing and managing every bit of personal and business data you have on each customer. This isn’t just contact information and order data. You’ll have everything at your fingertips, down to the level of each contact’s website activity history and their every interaction with your brand.

With all this data, you’ll want tools to help you manage it, and Infusionsoft CRM delivers. The data management side of the software gives you the ability to add contacts wherever you are, using your mobile device. Set up and trigger batched contact processing and automation while automatically scanning for duplicate records. This CRM solution also lets you segment your customer database using criteria such as demographics, email clicks, payment history, and more.

Infusionsoft Marketing Automation

Automating your marketing processes makes it easier to find and engage with your best clients. Infusionsoft Marketing Automation helps you do exactly that. At the heart of it all is the Campaign Builder.

Infusionsoft Campaign Builder

The Campaign Builder is a drag-and-drop interface for creating automated marketing processes. Use it to lay out your marketing campaigns right on the screen, then let Infusionsoft execute the process for you. The processes you build here are conditional. They can execute various actions based on each customer’s behavior. You can create emails and calls (even landing pages) right inside the Campaign Builder.

There are pre-made campaigns available in the Infusionsoft Marketplace if you want a head start on automating your marketing.

Infusionsoft Sales Automation

The goal of Infusionsoft Sales Automation is to get you paying customers. There are better ways than cold calling prospects to find paying customers. This software gets better results at a lower price than old-fashioned methods, thanks to techniques like “lead scoring” and “pipeline management.”

Lead Scoring uses data from a lead’s previous behavior to give them a score. You can view the scores and adjust the settings that assign the scores at any time. This allows you to tweak the settings to be an ideal match for your company’s specific business requirements and priorities.

Pipeline Management

Automation and organization can also improve the productivity of the sales process. With an efficient, streamlined process and Infusionsoft sales management tools, you’ll be able to do things like predict monthly revenue and know instantly which product is selling best. And you won’t have to spend hours hunched over a spreadsheet to do it. The software will do it for you. It will even send out follow-up reminders to help the sales team achieve their goals faster.

To help you view and analyze the results, the software can generate a variety of detailed revenue reports, broken down by whatever business metric you want to use.

Infusionsoft E-commerce

If you sell online, you will want to check out the Infusionsoft E-commerce solution. With it, you can create a professional online storefront to display and market your products or services. You can also create the online shopping cart and order forms you need to sell your products or services.

Infusionsoft E-commerce

Even better, what goes on in this e-commerce solution feeds back into Infusionsoft CRM. Your customer profiles will have a record of all their purchases. You’ll be able to send each customer promotions that make the most sense for them, and void blunders like offering someone something they already purchased.

This solution is flexible enough to let you create unique check-out links to create custom offers. Then segment the promotions by events, purchase history, and other criteria. You can also automate post-purchase follow-up activities, freeing your staff from lots of manual follow-up.


While Infusionsoft can handle many of your business processes, not everything your business does fits here. But you don’t want to have to enter data in multiple places, or have to look for the information you need in more than one location. Fortunately, Infusionsoft integrate with over 300 3rd party apps and services.

Infusionsoft provides an API to smoothly integrate with these apps and services. The API provides a secure connection that lets you pass data between Infusionsoft and these other products. One particular area you will want to look at for integration is accounting software. Infusionsoft integrates smoothly with QuickBooks and Xero, providing automatic reconciliation of records.

In addition, the Infusionsoft Marketplace offers hundreds of additional integrations. In the Marketplace you can find everything from copywriting services, to specialized apps, to pre-built marketing campaigns.


Infusionsoft is a platform that provides CRM, Sales, and Marketing tools as well as process automation. It is used by over 120,000 businesses so it clearly delivers value. But is Infusionsoft the right solution for your organization?

One thing you must keep in mind when you are considering Infusionsoft. As the company says repeatedly on their website and throughout their literature, their market is small businesses. They do not attempt to serve the enterprise. I’ve seen a few reviews of the product that say something like, “We’ve been using Infusionsoft for X months. This would be a great product for a small business, but we are a mega corporation and we are finding it inadequate for our needs.”

If you work for a huge corporation, Infusionsoft is quite likely not a good solution for you.

If, however, you work for a small business, and want to grow faster, this may well be the solution you need. Your next stop should be the Infusionsoft Demo page. You’ll need to click the “Talk to a human,” or “Start a live chat” buttons on this page. That will connect you to one of their small business success experts who will answer your questions and set up your demo. When you’re ready to take this step, simply Click Here

Read more about Infusionsoft on DiscoverCloud or our knowledge base.

By Bill Mann | 4/23/2016 | Product Analysis

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