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Gain more Customers Quickly | Facebook Dynamic Product Advertising
Suited for: Smbs, Enterprises
Helps with: Ad Serving,Campaign Management,Social Media Marketing
Languages: English
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What is it all about?

StitcherAds is designed to help performance marketers at online retailers to get the most out of Facebook direct response advertising – but without the time required to do repetitive tasks in PowerEditor.And without having to pay more for Facebook ads management simply because you increase your media spend.


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Who is it for?


Key Features

Target & Retarget More Customers Faster * Automated creation of ad permutations * Target existing lists & Fb Lookalike Audience * Don’t retarget customers who just bought a product * Easily retarget based on user behaviour Automated Ad Creation from Product Feeds * Create hundreds of ads in minutes * Product catalog integration * Multi-product ad creation * Save more than 50% of your time creating ads Clear Reporting on Spend, ROI and Cost Per Checkout * Visibility into your results * Granular look into campaign performance * Highly customizable URL tracking * Integrate with Google Analytics UTM tracking Automatically Optimize Ad Performance * Powerful rules engine * Configure acquisition cost targets & pause spend * Automatically pause ads with low stock levels * Increase performance by 25%


* Direct Response Advertising StitcherAds is an application that enables online retailers to manage and optimize their pretargeting and retargeting direct response advertising on Facebook. Using your existing product catalog feed you can create hundreds of ads in minutes. With StitcherAds you can quickly retarget prospective customers who looked at a product but didn’t buy, create ads for different devices, audience segments and add rules to automatically turn off ads that don’t meet your performance targets. * Retargeting With StitcherAds you can retarget product on your website – that’s to say, we make it easy to create adverts from your product feed that are automatically targeted to people who have viewed that product. * Dynamic Ad Attributes Set your ads up automatically from products within your feed and dynamically assign variables including product name, price, discount level, and more – in order to quickly get your ads live and have new ones ready to go. * Website Custom Audience (WCA) - Retarget to people who looked at a single product/SKU - Exclude people who actually bought a pa particular SKU - Use Website Custom Audiences to prospect to people on Facebook who bought a particular product * Optimization StitcherAds optimization engine allows you to set rules that are right for your campaigns. Pause campaigns and ads using criteria including: - Product is out of stock - Cost per order rises above your target Custom parameters



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- Remarketer: £100/$150/Month
- Basic: £300/$500/Month
- Pro: £600/$1000/Month

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