Chartio Business Intelligence App


by Chartio

Visualize and explore your data with Chartio.
Suited for: Enterprises
Helps with: Analytics Software,Business Intelligence,Data Visualization
Languages: English
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What is it all about?

Chartio lets you explore, transform, display, and control your data.

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Key Features

Explore: Drag and Drop UI: Dragging columns and tables onto the chart creator as measures and dimensions. Drill Down & Pivot: Chartio automatically creates drill-downs into your data. Visualize Funnels: Create complex funnel visualizations in a single chart-type. Create Charts on Tablets & Phones Works on any modern device, like iPhones or iPads. Powerful Query Mode: A completely unrestricted query mode lets you initiate more complex, ad hoc queries. One Interface for Every Data Source: Every data source you connect to Chartio is explored in the same way, through the same interface. Quickly See Any Visualization You can cycle through every chart type and chart setting with the click of a mouse. Transform: Blend Disparate Data Combine the results from different data sources in-browser. Perform Complex Custom Calculations: From basic math to more complex analytic queries, Chartio's formulas let you truly explore your data. No Required Formatting We don't require you to format, clean or warehouse your data. We work with it where it is - the database or service. Join Unrelated Tables Write JOIN commands across unrelated tables or data sources in our powerful combine data interface. Display: Easily Try any Visualization Cycle through every chart type with just the click of a mouse, and explore custom settings for each graph. Share Dashboards with a URL: Once you've added a teammate to your project, you can share your work with them simply through URLs. Scheduled Email Reports: Any dashboard can be scheduled to be delivered as a PDF attachment over email, at the time of your choosing. Download Any Visualization Any chart can be saved as a .png image, .pdf file or .csv of the source data. Dashboards can be saved as .pdfs.


- Visualize your data - Drag and drop chart creation - Join Data Sources in a Single Click - Works on any device - Real time data



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