TSheets Time and Expenses App


by TSheets Time Tracking

Time tracking and scheduling with GPS. Simple timesheets for payroll.
Suited for: Freelancers, Smbs, Enterprises, Startups, Agencies
Helps with: Project Management Tools,Time and Expense,Time and Expenses, ...
Languages: English
Similar to: Zoho Expense App Marketing Operations App SpringAhead App Nexonia App More...

What is it all about?

Intuitive, easy to use time tracker.

Employees can track time anywhere, any way they want—using a computer, mobile phone, tablet, GPS-enabled app, text, dial in number and so much more—with clock in / out punch card or manual timesheet flexibility.

Managers can see who's working, where, on what projects - all in real time. Plugged into QuickBooks, Xero, Gusto, Square and more, TSheets syncs up real timesheet data for faster, more accurate payroll, billing and invoicing.


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Who is it for?


Key Features

Mobile - Track time from any location, using any device, in real time. Employees clock in and out on their desktop, laptop, or mobile phone—using iPhone or Android apps (with GPS), text messaging and dial in. Even track offline. GPS - Easily track time and location for your mobile employees. Easy, Accurate Time Entry - From manual to punch card time entry, it's all tracked down to the second. Tracking Employee Paid Time Off: An easy way to manage sick time, vacation time and paid time off (PTO). Employee Alerts and Reminders - Remind employees to clock in/out. Overtime Alerts - Proactively manage employee overtime with alerts. Timesheet Approvals - Easily review and approve employee time, in minutes. Who's Working Feature - Confirm who's working, where and on what. DCAA / DOL Compliance - Comply with government regulations and guard against audits. Open API - gain full control of TSheets to seamlessly merge with your application and make it work in sync with existing user preferences or software.


Pay employees for the time they actually work, not just based on their scheduled time. Save 2% in gross payroll costs by automating time tracking. Avoid payroll errors. Eliminate spreadsheets manual, duplicate time entry. Avoid overtime by accurately tracking time everyday and setting up overtime alerts before incurring the cost. Avoid manually entering time cards and reduce the administrative time needed to generate payroll.



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$4 Per User Per Month
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Google Apps
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