By Aparna Mishra | 2/11/2016 | Business Management

Applicant Tracking Software

Streamline your recruitment process through applicant tracking software (ATS) and master the art of recruitment. Shortlisting suitable candidates and selecting the perfect fit for the vacancy can become challenging when you have to deal with tons of resumes.  Let ATS walk you through the recruitment process saving you both time and money as well as making you the organization of choice and attract the best talent.

When you are looking for a specific information it becomes time consuming to go through the whole pile of resumes. Look for a software solution that allows you full search functions on all the documents associated with a profile.  This is because there are some software solutions that may not be able to conduct search on email attachments (this depends on the email provider).  

You want a software that will let you conduct your search quickly. ATS also has this Boolean functionality to make your search more specific. By combining terms like “And”, “Or”, “Not” you can direct your search in a more specific direction and find the candidates you are looking for. Not only are you able to search with exact phrases but ATS also leads you in the direction of exact skills and any other relevant hiring information.

Each organization has its own recruitment process and this process would further be different for different positions.  And the customizable feature offered by ATS caters to this uniqueness by allowing you to create recruitment workflow that suits your organization’s needs.  While ATS offers you predefined stages such as screened, shortlisted, and phone interview, you are able to edit these stages, reorder it or create completely new ones.  

It is almost next to impossible to remember long list of candidates as they move through the hiring process: resume screened, shortlisted, initial assessment, and phone interview. The candidates section in the software provides you with all the information you need to know. Which candidates have applied to a particular vacancy, the stage of hiring process they are in, and if they are assigned to any team members.  Further, you can also sort your candidates based on criteria such as vacancy, stage of hiring process, geographic location and any other criteria defined by you.

ATS also allows you to design a questionnaire that acts as a screening tool. This questionnaire, incorporated in the system lets you screen out those candidates who do not meet your basic criteria for a position, for example, a master’s qualification for a particular vacancy. You are able to create multiple questionnaires or are able to attach a single questionnaire to multiple vacancies. Further, you can add more questions as well in a questionnaire.    

The centralized communication feature of ATS lets everyone in your organization stay in loop through the hiring process. Follow-ups with a candidate is available for everyone in the team to see so that they are all up-to-date with the information. ATS also allows you to archive resumes of those candidates who have the qualifications and skills that may be suitable to your organization in the future.  

ATS also offers you a feature that lets you identify those problem areas in your hiring process like if the candidate is getting stuck after the phone interview or whether there is an issue when candidates are assigned to a particular team member. When you are able to identify the stages where the flow is smooth vis-a-vis the stages where your hiring process is getting stalled, you can take necessary action to resolve the issue and make it an efficient recruitment practice.

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