By Aparna Mishra | 1/21/2016 | Business Management

BPM Software

BPM or Business Process Management software offers all the tools that management requires to make the necessary changes and impactful decisions.  Business processes are the differentiating factors between competitors.  Excellent customer service, efficient operational processes, and visibility of the business are all part of business processes.  And BPM software offers this and much more to help businesses stay ahead in the game.  

BPM software lets you design, utilize and manage your processes, from simple to very complex.  Businesses are different from each other, be it their culture or be it their processes. And BPM software solutions provide features that adapts to these differences to suit the need of the organization.  It lets you plan, design, execute, manage and optimize your processes, be it routine or non-routine, to help you achieve your business potential.

While choosing a BPM software system opt for one which has the capability to keep up with your business needs especially if you are planning to expand geographically in the near future. Also, since the technology behind BPM is not only complex but constantly evolving, you would want a system that keeps pace with technology. You want a system that offers you features which will allow you to deploy it rapidly to gain business benefits.

Here are some of the features that you get from BPM software that helps you in your business. To begin with, it lets you create your workflow in easy steps.  Starting from deciding the process to building the forms, designing your workflow, setting permissions (who is able to access, who can edit and/or make changes) and finally going live, all this can be done with ease and accuracy.

BPM software allows you to automate and optimize your business operations that helps your business grow. It allows you to unify your processes and data, that allows you to make swift and informed decisions.  Data is information and information is power.  BPM software allows you to unite your information silos which allows you access to any topic throughout the organization with just one click.  Further, to understand about a situation get access to both structured as well as unstructured information, all available to you in one place.

BPM software is also available as mobile apps to help your business stay connected with your employees as well as customers, anytime, anywhere.  These mobile apps can be build rapidly and its dynamic user interfaces work with any device of your choice.  You can mobilize your workforce from anywhere with the help of these apps which are available for both Android and iPhone devices.

BPM software not only helps in automating your business processes but also as a by-product offers help in governance management, risk management and compliance to legislations. You can easily define and change business rules and policies with BPM software.  Also, it not only helps you manage your work but also helps in collaborating with other processes. You can also keep track of your processes in real time.

Further, you can add content of your choice to your process and create workflow based on this.  Also, you also can reuse process assets. This can be your business objects as well as services.  You can extend the capacity of your built-in solutions by reusing your processes. The analytics feature of BPM software lets you figure out the bottlenecks in your processes and resolve the issues.  With minimum risk involved BPM software helps you achieve process excellence faster.

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