By Aparna Mishra | 12/28/2015 | Business Management

Business Management Software

Depending upon the type of your business, there are various software solutions available in the marketplace to choose from.  These software solutions take care of your marketing and sales needs, your HR needs, your scheduling and timekeeping needs, your training needs and much more.  These software packages are available as stand alone or you can opt for bundling options based on your requirements.  

For marketing purposes, the software helps you in designing in your marketing campaigns, connecting with your customers and potential customers via social media and email marketing. The software automates most of the marketing processes like scheduling email delivery on a set date and time, auto responding via customized emails, and reminders for contacting customers which not only reduces the time taken for such tasks but also ensures that you are in touch with your customers. In short, it lets you focus on developing your customer base while taking care of your routine tasks.   

Other things that can be taken care of via business marketing software are creating a customer loyalty program, offering special deals to customers on special days like birthdays and anniversaries and contacting them about promotional offers. For special events and regular appointments you can reduce the no-shows by automated reminders and confirmations.  

Schedule and confirm appointments, collect payments, issue e-receipts, all can be done through business management software solutions. Clients can also book and cancel appointments online from anywhere either through your website or through mobile app. Most of the business management software solution providers now offers you mobile apps which allows both the businesses as well as their customers to access the software while on the go.  

For your sales need the software helps you generate leads, contact leads, and helps in closing deals. You can also process and track all your sales online. The software helps not only in getting more clients but also helps in retaining your customers.  

If you are in retail business or a salon or restaurant business, the integrated point-of-sales (POS) software packages available offer you all the solutions you need. These packages allows you to collect credit card payments and mobile payments. Your customers can also get printable gift certificates online.  Further you can also get full eCommerce integration feature for your website.  

Scheduling your employees shifts, time management, and payroll processing are some of the other features that are available via business management software. For your project management needs you can schedule your employees on specific projects, track time of your employees on projects and bill the projects accordingly.  Further, all your accounting needs, be it accounts receivable, accounts payable, and general ledger too can be taken care of by business management software.  

Reports are important for understanding your business processes. With business management software the types of reports that you can generate are endless. Whether your marketing campaign was successful or not, how many leads were you able to generate via your email campaign, your sales figures, how much time employees spent on a project, how many customers were served in an hour/day/month, your monthly sales and revenue figures, inventory reports, how many people attended your event, was there an increase or decrease in attendance and many such other reports can be generated via this software.

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