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Catering Software

Manage your catering business with the easy-to-use catering software. Most catering software packages offer you a variety of features depending upon the size of your business. Either desktop based or web based, the software packages are also customizable to fit to your business needs.

The first thing you would be looking for is help in planning your event. The calendar feature that is present in all catering software packages allows you to plan your events. You can track and view the daily, weekly, monthly catering orders and booking with the help of this feature. Further, it also display upcoming events and ‘to do’ reminders for its users.  

Plan your menu in detail based on the size of the event you are going to cater to. Manage all your food and beverage requirements with the help of this feature. With the customizable food/menu feature you are able to create as well as modify menu items. This can include details such as in-depth description of each item, price and cost of each item, and customized item categories for tracking purpose.  

Along with the menu, you can also create a detailed and customized packing list. For example, things like the number of plates, napkins, cutlery, and chafing dishes are included as part of each individual menu item automatically.  Further, you also have the ability to be able to modify items on the spot during the event and can also at the same time modify more than one item in the master list.

You can also assign cost to each item on the menu individually or you can calculate the cost of the item based on the ingredients of that item.  All your catering costs including the labor cost are calculated automatically with the inbuilt feature in the catering software. This ensures that you can prepare proposals and send it across to your customers for their approval. You can also generate invoices and are able to record payments received from clients in the system.  

Not only can you prepare customized design proposals for your customers but you can also calculate the total event cost, generate management reports such as packing lists, kitchen preparatory lists, event based shopping lists, recipe cards, and many such other reports. Billing and sales reports too can be generated with the help of catering software.  

As a manager your screen will display staffing schedule and other staff details, you are able to track events, able to get details about accounts receivables, various timelines and also the reminders list. It is easy to manage food and beverage as well as equipment and contractors for the managers. This screen is accessed only by the manager or any other authorized users.

Manage your customers list with the help of customer database feature offered by catering software. Apart from customers, you also need to maintain contact database of your suppliers, service contractors, facilities, employees and sales team. This too is provided by the catering software packages available in the market.

Some catering software packages offer a query feature. With this feature you can find answers to practically everything related to your catering business. You can also customize your results based on how you want it to be displayed on screen, be it by selecting which columns of information you would want to see, be it sorting or grouping the data and you can also print the information or even export this data.

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