By Aparna Mishra | 1/6/2016 | Industry Software Solutions

Digital Asset Management Software

Avoid duplication of your assets, stay up-to-date with your collections and provide the required security for your assets with the help of digital asset management (DAM) software. Media files like images, audio and video files can be catalogued, supported and maintained by DAM software.

Based on the type of industry and/or department, you can choose a DAM software that will cater to your needs. For example, for news organizations, they would require a software that has strong editing features especially for their photo features. Further, they would also require the software to offer them workflows that are definable and thus becomes easier for approvals.  

For marketing organizations or departments, they would be looking for a DAM software that is first and foremost user friendly. Secondly, they would be looking for a DAM software that is able to transform their creative marketing files into various other file types as well as size and one which they are able to share outside of the department or organization.  While government organizations would stress more on the security features of the DAM software.

Through DAM software apply metadata taxonomies to your digital assets and this allows you to group them based on metadata description like file size, date of uploading. Further, it also provides both standard metadata fields such as keywords and then customizable metadata fields where you can define the fields.  DAM software also allows you to extract metadata such as XMP, IPTC and EXIF.  

The grouping of assets helps both in search, for example, by keywords and distribution of assets. Another feature of DAM software is its import and export functionality. With this feature your large media files or folders can be imported into or exported from the database swiftly.  DAM software allows you to manage your image, audio and video files. You are able to load, preview, search and edit any of these file types with the help of DAM software.  

Navigating through the large collection of media files can be challenging. DAM software provides a versioning feature where you are able to keep track of all versions of your assets when they are updated.  Further, you are able to preview your image files and video files. You also get visual hierarchies and are able to display customized thumbnails and filenames.

If you are looking for transforming your files to either different file types or file sizes, then DAM software can help you do that automatically or manually. For assets that are not in use or which have reached its expiry date DAM software allows to automatically archive or delete such assets.  You can also revoke access to such assets.  Watermarks are not just for documents. With the help of DAM software you are able to apply visual watermarks on your image and video files.  

DAM software also provides you integration with other management software solutions including web content management, enterprise content management and many such other creative software solutions. DAM software allows you to manage your licensing as well copyright information of your assets within its system.  

Administration of assets is an important aspect for any organization. DAM software provides you administration tools that will help you to automate some of your processes like making rules to converting assets into particular file types, routing certain projects to individuals who are authorized to review and approve the projects. You can also set limits as to who is able to download, view and edit which files and the length of this permission.

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