By Aparna Mishra | 2/29/2016 | Business Management

Document Control Software

Organizations have many types of documents to manage like policy and procedure documents, quality manuals, business and project plans, drawings, codes of practice, compliance records and many more.  It is important that access to these documents is restricted and data is protected by having regular back-ups and encrypting it. In short, document control is necessary for effective quality management and for compliance system.  

This is where document control software helps organizations with its various components and automated features to manage and control documents in the whole organization.  The software acts as a central depository where all the documents are stored and organized. The web-based document control software solutions makes it possible to access the system from anywhere in the world.

Uploading documents to the central system can be done either individually or you can upload unlimited documents in bulk. You can navigate quickly through the dashboard which offers you recognizable file structures. Set your security permissions, and you can search documents using keywords and based on your classifications. And of course, you are able to access, view, modify and review your documents from your offices located anywhere in the world.

With document control software you have access to document activity history. The software ensures that you are viewing the latest version of the document even though you can also view the previous versions. This ensures that you are working on the latest document. Further, you can track and record all the revisions, approvals and change requests that all the documents go through. Your document activity history also includes the record of employees working on the document along with date and time.

Document activity history keeps all the records including old versions of your documents. The software automatically archives your old documents.  This historical records of your documents comes in handy during both your internal and external document audit process.

Document control software allows you to automate your workflow process.  Based on the document types, create your workflow rules.  The workflow rules also helps in moving the documents to the next level. Even with automation you create the rules like assigning sequential or non-sequential approval process.  You also have the options to delay the publishing pending approval as well as to set a document review reminders for the future.

Take control of the security of your documents. The software hands you all the control that you need by encrypting all your documents on the server and even during the transition process on the Internet.  Document control software packages offers you daily back-ups feature.  It also allows you to set your own access restrictions through permissions based on positions, groups, departments or locations.

Keep up-to-date with your tasks as document control software provides you automated email notifications ensuring your tasks are completed on set deadlines.  The software also lets you know which tasks are incomplete, and helps you identify employees responsible for those incomplete tasks and the documents. Get all the integrated analytics and reports on each and every document in the system from the first version till the latest version. These reports ensures that there is complete transparency in your tasks and activities.

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