By Aparna Mishra | 2/10/2016 | Industry Software Solutions

eDiscovery Software

Legal professionals now have access to this technology that helps them in searching and producing data for investigations, compliance, eDiscovery requests and much more. This technology, more specifically a software solution, eDiscovery software, is available mostly as cloud-based application. This means there is no need to invest in the hardware or worrying about managing technology. The software is also available as a stand alone application on organizations’ servers.  

In its simplistic form eDiscovery software assists you in uploading your data securely and helps in automatic processing of data. The next task then is to help you in your search by culling and reviewing data based on relevance. And finally you should be able to assemble the relevant documents, download these documents and be ready to exchange it with another party.  

eDiscovery software solutions packs in a lot of features within a single application through the whole Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) framework.  This includes uploading data, processing data, clustering and technology assisted review that lets you work through your tasks starting from identification to through production. Since the tasks are carried out with the use of single application you do not have to worry about switching applications during the EDRM stages and also about the cost associated with it.

Expanding on the basic features offered by eDiscovery software, you are able to search and gather data for compliance or security audits. Rummage through variety of data stores such as MS Exchange, PST files, Share Point, Office 365, compressed files and many other data stores to search and extract messages, attachments and single files. The software helps reduce your search time and thus saves cost associated with eDiscovery.   

Predictive coding helps you to focus on relevant documents during the assessment and review process.  Further, the powerful predictive technology offered by eDiscovery software solutions helps in the process by increasing the accuracy of reviewing huge volumes of data and also in expediting the analysis process. This is also another cost saving factor of the software.  

You want accuracy as well as speed to respond to your investigations. With the help of analytics and case assessment strategies design your legal strategy and also focus on relevant data for your document review process. eDiscovery software allows your staff to look for and furnish information in a set time frame that is also defensible. The staff is able to locate personally identifiable information in emails as well as in files. They are also able to access files including audio and video files in hundreds of languages making it a most comprehensive search and review process.     

eDiscovery software offers multi-matter management feature as well since both serial litigation and multi-party matters are norms of the day. eDiscovery software helps in reducing both costs and risks by leveraging single instance collection and processing and storing of data. There is no duplication of either data collection or processing and thus helps in getting rid of redundant data storing.  

You have the flexibility as well as control over data volumes and costs associated with it. You do not want to deal with large databases that are cluttered with non-critical data that slows down the search process. You decide on the storage options and the formatting options for your data. You decide on the real time metrics, what is it that you would like to see, images or documents and also your document storage location, whether in active or inactive database.

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