By Aparna Mishra | 1/19/2016 | Business Management

Email Blast Software

Marketing directly to your customers has taken a new dimension with email blast software. Stay in touch with your customers by updating them about your promotions, new information and services through this software.  This software offers you wide range of features that ensures that your marketing is on target.

Design your email campaign any which way you want it to be. Choose from the many templates available in the software to design your email campaign be it for product launch, event promotion or special offers to get that unique look for your campaign.  Design your email blast that looks appealing on any device be it a computer or a smartphone. And you can preview it before you hit that send button.  

Further, with the help of social sharing feature, email recipients can also share the content of the email on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. With a simple process of just adding a “Like” or “Tweet” button the email can be shared to wider audience through social networking sites.

If you want to have a completely new email campaign, then email blast software solutions also offers you tools with which you can code your own templates.  All the developer tools that you require for coding to create this new template are available to you. 

Sending personalized emails to customers is a sure shot way of getting them to open your email. With email blast software collect the right data to help you personalize your email to send it to most relevant recipients. With the powerful tools provided by the software you can manage and grow your list of contacts. Create your list with custom fields that allows you to capture data such as gender, location, and interest and then prepare a more targeted and personalized email campaign.  

Next, with the help of segmentation tools create segments based on the information the contacts shared with you and then send them your targeted email campaign.  To make it a personalized email, you can insert your contact’s user name or first name in the body of your email.  

Email blast software also allows you to bring in new subscribers to your email list. With the help of a subscribe button visitors to your website can sign up through a simple web form. Another option is to use social networking sites such as Facebook. Email blast software provides you with Facebook subscribe app which simply drops the signup form on your Facebook page. The information captured on this form then helps you to generate personalized emails and send it to targeted recipients.  

Get all the reports that you need about your email campaign. This includes information such as the number of recipients who opened your email, who clicked on the links, number of emails that bounced, and number of recipients who unsubscribed to your email list. Further, you can also get information based on recipients such as emails sent to a particular recipient, number of emails opened by this recipient and number of links opened by this recipient.  

An important thing about email blast software is that it helps you stay in compliance with various government legislations like CAN-SPAM Act.  The software updates your lists automatically, i.e., if a recipient unsubscribes to your list, then this recipient is removed from your list by the software. And thus when you send out your email blast, the email does not land in the inbox of those you have unsubscribed from your list.

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