By Aparna Mishra | 1/7/2016 | Industry Software Solutions

Event Registration Software

Organizing an event is a task in itself. From planning the event, venue set-up, to finding sponsors, marketing the event, there is lot that is involved in organizing an event. Apart from this, the presence of attendees is what makes the event a huge success eventually.

How do people sign up for your event? Paper based registration is a thing of the past as it is quite time consuming. Most events now offer online registration tool for people to sign up for the event at their convenience and event registration software makes this possible.

Event registration software is available not only for desktop based but for mobile devices as well because there is an increasing trend of tickets sold using this option.  With the help of event registration software you can now create your event page that is mobile friendly. Attendees to your event can access this page on their smartphones (Android or iPhone), and tablets.

Any type of event, be it a fundraiser for your charity or non-profit organization, festivals, performances, parties, workshops, conferences and other types of events – you can create and post your event quickly with the help of event registration software.  Create and design your event page the way you want it – its feel, its look, customize this page according to your event.

On this page you can offer various choices for your attendees. You can offer multiple ticket types, early bird discounts, any other discount codes (for example, members), event related merchandise and much more through this page. You can also set the expiry date for early bird discounts.  

Even if your event is sold out, you cannot rule out the possibility of last minute cancellations and thus losing out on revenue. With event registration software you need not worry about this. The software provides you the waiting list feature which allows you to resell these unused tickets.

For some events, you may have certain restrictions for attendees. For example, for your conference with workshops, only certain attendees are allowed to be part of all the workshops. Event registration software allows you to restrict registration for attendees based on either email, registration code or through a unique registration code that you have assigned to each attendee.   

If you are large organization you can also restrict permission for who all can create an event and set up an event registration page. You can also have approval for those users who may not be on the designated list of event creators in your organization. The software ensures that this approval process is smooth and fast.

For those repeat events you can clone your events very easily with event registration software. Use the past event’s template and recreate it for the current event with updated date, time and location information. You save lot of time in redesigning the event registration page for repeat events.

Once your registration process is closed the software allows you to create customized name badges and mailing labels. The software extracts the data from the registration information and then populate it into the name badges. With the same process you can also generate mailing list and certificates for your attendees.        

Offer various payment methods like payment by credit cards online and by checks and cash offline.  With offline payment methods, final ticket sale takes place only once the payment is received. This is confirmed to the attendees by emailing them their tickets.

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