By Aparna Mishra | 12/30/2015 | Industry Software Solutions

Fleet Maintenance Software

With the help of fleet maintenance software you can reduce the costs of your repairs. With its reporting mechanism you can identify usage as well as your repair trends which allows you to be proactive and reduce downtime and it allows you to extend the life of your fleet to get most of out it.  

Fleet maintenance software offers you various features and based on your requirements you can choose the one that fits the best. The software packages available ensures that they are not complicated to use allowing technicians to enter the data in the system in a timely fashion. You can have the information you need so that you can be proactive in your decision making and this also helps you in reducing your costs.  

There are some features that are common to most fleet maintenance software on the whole though some software packages may offer you more or less depending upon the cost. Some of these common features includes fleet inventory tracking, fleet maintenance, repair histories, inspections, work orders, parts inventories, fuel tracking, employee information, reporting and much more.  

With the help of fleet inventory tracking feature you can keep track of your whole fleet of vehicles and equipment.  For vehicles, keep a record of all the details that you need: the make, the year, model, serial number, date of purchase and any other information that is essential for your business.  With the software’s customizable feature, you can add the fields in the database that you need for both your fleet as well as equipment.  

For an easy search option you can also barcode all your fleet and equipment. Another feature available for inventory tracking is keeping the count of the inventory. This helps in your ordering process. Further, there is also the records of vendors and pricing. You also have the record of funds available for your purchases along with the ability to place orders automatically, if you so choose.  

Preventive maintenance feature alerts you to any vehicle or equipment that is overdue for service.  This is available as an automatic feature and you can also customize it based on your requirements such as mileage, hours and date. At any given time you know where your fleet stands in terms of its service schedule.

Keeping track of your repair maintenance is equally important as preventive maintenance. Repair maintenance feature captures all your repair data like date of repair, the problem and how it was solved and any other repair information. It also keep records of all the data associated with any unexpected issues.  Also,  with the help of repair maintenance feature you can take a decision of whether to continue with a particular vehicle or equipment or whether to retire it from service.  

Fleet maintenance software’s fuel tracking feature captures the data of your fuel consumption. You get all the statistics that you need to understand the fuel efficiency as well as the wear and tear trends of your fleet. Like with other features, this feature too is customizable and allows you to track the information you need.  

Reports and histories are important for you to understand everything you need to know about your fleet and equipment. Almost all software packages offers in-built reports that you can generate, be it about your preventive maintenance, your inventory tracking or your fuel tracking. Further you can also generate customizable reports based on your business needs.

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