By Aparna Mishra | 1/26/2016 | Contact Management

Free CRM Software

As much as one has heard again and again that there are no free lunches, one still gets something that is available for free. And this something is the free CRM software.  Free CRM is available in two versions, one which is free, with limited features and limited users and the other which is open source that has unlimited features and access to unlimited users.  

Focusing on the free CRM in this article let us look at the features that this software offers. Just because it is available for free with certain limits does not mean that you don’t get the best out of this software.  Free CRM comes with caps set on the number of users, number of contacts, and limit on storage space.

Depending upon your requirement, the software is available for both Windows and Mac to manage your customer relationships and databases.  With the help of CRM software you can consolidate the information of your customers across your organization. Share the same information throughout the organization and look at the same up-to-date information both from service and marketing perspective.  

The consolidation of information available throughout the organization helps in providing better customer service leading to satisfaction and customer loyalty. You also get better insight about your clients.  Further, this also allows your front line employees in their decision making process.    

Free CRM software offers all the information about your sales team on a single dashboard. You have all the information about the deals of your team as it progresses through various stages. You have all the information you need to know about products, prices and competitors. You also get the information about where your leads are generated from with the help of free CRM.

Stay connected with your leads to close the deals faster. And also stay connected with your customers to ensure your retention rate is high. Free CRM software allows you to keep notes for each of your clients.  Manage tasks and information about events. You can also set reminders about phone calls, email follow-up or meetings.  

Free CRM allows you to automate your marketing and sales process. It provides you with the tools to prepare your email marketing campaign that can be either emailed as plain text or as an attachment.  You also get autoresponder feature with this software.  Apart from emails, the other feature includes SMS and print marketing tools as well as direct marketing management.

This software is easy to install and once installed is up and running in minutes.  You can also run multiple businesses with one installation. You also get free CRM software solutions which are cloud-based. This takes the whole installation process out of equation and you don’t need to invest in any hardware. The software is also available on any mobile devices, be it smartphones or tablets.  

Your sales team can access all the information on their mobile devices and this too helps in closing the deals faster.  Connectivity also ensures that there is better communication with your team.  Free CRM also lets you import contacts from other databases as well as your Outlook contacts. Again, all this centralized data can be accessed by everyone in the organization.  

Free CRM helps you generate customized reports such as by filtering data. These reports can be exported to PDF version, they can be emailed or faxed and you can also print these reports. With the help of free CRM you are able to track and manage your overall business performance and also devise future strategies.

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