By Aparna Mishra | 2/18/2016 | Business Management

Fundraising Software

For non-profit organizations whether at grassroots level or at enterprise level, fundraising software is a handy tool that helps them streamline their fundraising efforts. Most fundraising software, often cloud-based, offer all-in-one tools that takes care of overall fundraising campaigns.  For non-profit organizations dependent on funding would find that fundraising software solutions are reasonably priced and offer easy to use features that requires minimal training.  

For those involved in fundraising the most important thing is to raise awareness of their cause and send the message across to potential donors. Build your fundraising campaign with ease and within minutes.  The built-in features provides you all the necessary tools to design your campaign with no technical skills needed. However, what you are able to create is a powerful and impactful campaign.

Amongst the many features of the fundraising software is the feature that allows you to target and tailor your message for specific donors. The software offers you to communicate regularly through newsletters and offers integration with social media sites to engage with your donors and keep them updated with all your fundraising events.   

The software helps you create registrations forms in a variety of designs from simple ones to more advanced ones. With a simple drag and drop feature you can create your forms easily. And you can also make changes to your forms in real time. You are also able to specify the look of your page when it is displayed on your social media sites.  

The campaign builder feature allows you to offer limitless possibilities for your donors. For example, if you are a church, you can let your donors choose the amount they want to donate, but if you are a non-profit organization, you can offer suggestions for your donors, or if you are fundraising for bigger projects then you can offer the option of fixed amount at regular intervals for set time frame, and you are able to set the dates for both the donation as well as the end date for this.

Recurring donations helps you in not only increasing your donations but it also helps you in reaching your fundraising goals quickly. Fundraising software provides you tools to set this recurring donation on your donation page. This is an easy feature to set up and you can make the best use of recurring giving technology.   

With busy lives that people live make it faster, easier for them to make donations with the text to give feature of the fundraising software.  This feature is especially useful if you are a religious group or if you hold regular gatherings. Fundraising software offers you mobile friendly forms that can be used on any mobile device. These branded and customizable forms can be accessed on smartphones or tablets,  allows you to reach your donors even while they are traveling.    

Get real time insightful reports to analyze your performance with built-in tools like retention and cross transactional reporting. All the data that you need is available readily in one place. The analytics provides you all the information that you need for all your fundraising campaigns. The software also offers you detailed executive reports.   

Customize your confirmation page and email once the donation is made. Manage your donor/membership list. Fundraising software helps you in event management.  It also assists you to maintain your volunteers’ list. Fundraising software supports you in building relationship with your donors with donor profiles and customizable giving pages. This allows you to connect with your donors giving it a personal touch.

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