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Board Portals

What’s a Board Portal? 

Board portals (commonly called board management software) are a secure environment for CEOs, administrators, and board directors. With a board portal, all of these key contributors are able to access meeting materials, communicate with each other, and execute their governance responsibilities. By combining new mobile hardware with rapidly improving cloud technology, board portals will replace the old regime of printing on paper and emails.  


To do this, two distinct sets of tools exist: one for the administrative staff who run the entire process behind the scenes and the other for the board members who make the critical decisions. Board portals simplify every step of the board meeting life cycle.  


How Board Portals Work 

Before the Meeting

A board portal has an important role in meeting preparation. 

  • Within the portal, administrators work with the chair and executive leadership to:
      • organize information
      • upload minutes 
      • check director availability
      • dynamically update information
  • The administrator then uses that information to:
      • create an agenda
      • invite directors
      • publish the board book (publicly or privately)
  • Directors receive the board book and begin their review before the meeting. Now they can:
      • annotate and share their notes
      • review past materials
      • reference documents
      • chat with their colleagues  


During the Meeting  

Directors arrive and find there’s no last-minute changes or surprises. The meeting starts, and one-tap navigation between sections keeps the meeting on track.  

  • As decisions are made, directors can:
      • vote within the app
      • sign paperwork
      • set deadlines
      • assign tasks
      • follow up on outstanding questions

Board portals help ensure your meeting is run in compliance with state and nationwide governing bodies. 


Outside the Meeting  

Board portals are an integral tool after the meeting also. They are a real-time repository for tasks that are complete and tasks yet to be done. 

  • Board work continues without a formal meeting as members:
      • approve and sign loans and legal agreements 
      • communicate in-app between executives and the board to drive ongoing engagement  
  • Reminders and notifications provide directors an alert when there are outstanding actions, such as: 
      • complete an eSignature on a document
      • cast votes on open approvals 
      • respond to surveys


Ultimately, board software offers a comprehensive solution to several distinct challenges faced by many boards today. A board portal:  

  • Helps board members come to meetings better organized and prepared  
  • Makes board meetings more strategic and forward-thinking  
  • Enables leaders to leverage board directors’ skills and knowledge fully  
  • Improves board meeting efficiency, effectiveness, engagement, and productivity  
  • Keeps board materials confidential and secure  
  • Enables remote board meeting participation


Not sure what you need to look for in a board portal or where to start? This board portal buyer’s guide should help!


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