By Aparna Mishra | 1/14/2016 | Business Management

Help Desk Ticketing System

Dealing with endless tickets can be a nightmare for those in the IT help desk department. Fortunately, help is readily available to them in turn to help those who need it.  Help desk ticketing system software packages offer solutions for resolving issues by processing the requests quickly.

Some of these packages are available for free while some you have to pay for, some are cloud based while some are on your servers, some are available for small and medium businesses while some cater to large businesses.   You choose the one that meet your business requirements both in terms of what it has to offer and also the cost involved.  

Ticket management is where it begins for help desk ticketing software. Streamline your ticketing process by accepting tickets, replying to it and finally closing it. You can configure how the system assigns tickets so that it is always directed to the right technician. Further, you can also configure when to escalate issues so that they are resolved in an appropriate fashion. The option of copying supervisors is also available in such cases for them to be aware of and ensuring the speedy resolution.  

Once the issue is resolved, it becomes important to let the users know about it. The software automatically notifies the customers about it. Then the users can also track the progress of their ticket through its various stages themselves. You can also track the time taken to resolve an issue. However when the issue needs inputs from a third party you would want to differentiate the time taken by them vis-a-vis the response time of your team. The software allows you track both these timings separately.  

The self service portal not only allows customers to track the progress of their tickets but it also offers them knowledge base management. Create material for all the common problems and solutions and put all the documentation in your Help Desk folder.  This is where your employees will be able to find solutions for most common problems themselves.  This allows you to save time and money when the users are able to resolve the issues on their own.

You can also manage your IT assets with the help desk system software. It allows you to automatically keep track of your inventory by linking your assets to the help desk tickets. You have all the information that you want about your IT assets and this helps in your purchase decisions. You reduce your cost and avoid wasting your money by buying assets you already have but thought were lost.  You have all the data about your IT environment including all your hardware and software which you can gather with the help of asset discovery and auditing.

Monitor key metrics of your IT help desk operations regularly which will help you save time and money. You can create a schedule to email reports to your team and management and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the IT industry.  With the help of Crystal Reports reporting tool, get the reports of your key performance areas as well as capacity data.   

Get a visual display of your key performance indicators on a dashboard. This visual display captures all the information you need about your IT help desk support operations and any other information that you need.  These reports are instantly generated allowing you to keep track of the progress of your IT help desk operations and team.

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