By Aparna Mishra | 1/11/2016 | Business Management

IT Asset Management Software

In this day and age organizations have a large inventory of IT assets that they need to manage and take care of. IT asset management software (ITAMS) helps organizations to control and maintain their IT assets in an efficient way. This software is relatively hassle free to install, has tools that allows access from single interface and can be supported on various platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux and many more.

To begin with you would want to keep track of your IT inventory. You would want to cut down on unnecessary purchases, make the best use of your IT budget, and make informed decisions about your IT assets.  ITAMS helps you to keep track of your inventory like keeping details such as the name of the manufacturer, model and serial number of each and every workstation, the location of the workstation, dates of all software installation, dates of upgrades, information about CPU, information about license agreements and any other details that you need to collect about your inventory.

ITAMS allows you to collect all the information and records of your inventory accurately and quickly. Gone are the days of counting, managing and conducting audit of your inventory manually. You save both time and money with the help of this software.

Automate the installation of various software on different workstations with the help of ITAMS. Again this feature allows you to save on time and cut down on cost. You don’t need to employ personnel to physically distribute and install software on workstations.  Further, you can customize your distribution and installation throughout the organization or it can be performed on select few groups as defined by you.  You can also automate the process of which version of the software to be installed on which workstation.

Another feature that you get is the IT software metering that  helps you keep track of usage of your software. There are some software in your organization that may be overused or underused. IT software metering provides you full statistics of your usage such as the frequency of use, the idle and peak usage time, and number of users using a particular software. This then helps you to decide on whether you need to renew licenses for certain software or whether you need to discontinue it.

Talking about licenses, you need to keep abreast with all your licenses to avoid high legal costs should your license be outdated or not in compliance. The license management feature of ITAMS helps you to manage all your licensing requirements such as keeping an up-to-date record of software licenses, their expiry date, and their value.  With the helps of this feature you can also analyze the overall cost of your license renewals.

You can generate reports that are customizable about the the IT infrastructure of your organization. These advanced reports can also be exported to various formats such as XLS and PDF.  These reports gives you all the information that you need to know about the IT infrastructure of your whole organization and helps you make important IT inventory decisions.

Remotely control your IT assets with the remote desktop feature of ITAMS. With this you can access and control all your Windows desktop remotely through connecting to LAN and WAN networks. Even via VPN (Virtual Private Network) you are able to access your remotely connected PCs. And through network discovery feature you know about all external devices that are connected to your network.

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