By Aparna Mishra | 2/8/2016 | Business Management

Online Training Software

Want to conduct employee training or develop e-learning content or provide courses to students online, you can achieve this with the help of online training software (OTS). Conduct training without geographical restrictions or time restrictions utilizing OTS that allows organizations to become more productive.

OTS offers many features that are not only for those in educational and learning business but also by businesses who conduct employee training from time to time. Based on what you are looking for choose the OTS that provides you the best features that matches your needs.

Let your trainers and instructors build online courses step by step with the help of OTS. Customize the look of your courses to make it more attractive. You can play around with the template, choose the color scheme of your choice, pick the layout that is not only easy to navigate but is also appealing to the eyes. Incorporate messages within this layout to communicate with course participants.

An important feature of training is incorporating multimedia material such as audio and video files.  OTS allows you to incorporate not only documents, customized articles but also PowerPoint presentations that includes audio voice overs and videos. With the help of OTS it is easy to record, import and synchronize your audio and video material with your PowerPoint slides. Incorporate your trainers profiles with the video files so that your participants are aware of what these trainers bring on board.

You can also incorporate quizzes, exams, assessments and surveys within your courses or you can also have them as separate assessments. These quizzes and surveys can either be basic or advanced level. You can have graded and nongraded questions, and multimedia for your basic quizzes and surveys. While  at the advanced level you can create training and assessment courses  with the drag and drop approach.

OTS also lets your course participants print completion certificates. Increase branding opportunities for your company through the courses and completion certificates.  You have the option to have both private and public courses.  Further, you can also sell your courses and generate revenue.  If you want to integrate your courses with third party sites you have that option available as well.

Security is an important feature that you would be looking for in the software. OTS provides you with all the necessary tools and ensures that your security is not compromised.  You can manage access to your courses and share link with your course participants. These are all password protected courses and only those who have the password would be able to access it. Further, you can also define roles about access to account settings, content and billing.

Flexibility and mobility are important features of OTS.  The courses you offer are available to participants anywhere, anytime.  All these courses work across devices, be it laptops, tablets or smartphones. This allows participants access to training while they are on the go. Library is an essential part of any learning institute. Allow your participants access to course library where they can browse and search for material.

OTS lets you generate customized reports. Get an insight into training impact by reviewing the performance of your participants. You can also keep track of the progress they are making. Generate other reports like course statistics, collect data of your participants, and any other insightful reports that you would like to create.  These reports can be delivered directly to your email.

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