By Aparna Mishra | 1/20/2016 | Industry Software Solutions

Pest Control Software

Try out a software that is designed exclusively for your pest control business. Ease of use, available for mobile devices, adaptable to both Windows and Mac platforms, and much more is what you get with pest control software solutions. Choose from amongst the many available in the market which will cater to your business requirements and focus on making your business grow while pest control software take care of your business essentials.

Pest control software allows you to save time and money by providing you the best routes possible for scheduling and also locate the technician in the nearest location. The software provides mobile workforce tools that helps you to be in touch with your field technicians and crew to make them more productive and increase the overall efficiency of the work. Pest control software solutions also take care of the issues of mobile connectivity by providing you mobile sync tools.  

Schedule your field technicians with the help of pest control software. Make any number of changes in your schedule with ease. Schedule as many technicians as you want though you some software solutions may have a limit on how many technicians you can schedule. You get an easy display of your daily and weekly schedules on the screen which helps to stay organized with your overall scheduling.

Generate customized work orders and invoices with pest control software.  Exclusively catering to pest control business some software solutions print the work orders with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) numbers as well as the rates of the chemicals that you may be using depending upon the service you are going to provide. Integration with accounting packages allows you to generate invoices, receive payments and manage all your accounting needs. You don’t have to worry about doing your accounting separately.

With the help of pest control software you can take care of both your residential and commercial customers. Keep track and record, manage and report on the service you provide to all your customers.  This service includes aspects such as location: indoors, outdoors, perimeter; types of chemicals used; type of service provided: monthly, quarterly, yearly, emergency;  and types of pest treated: ants, termites, rodents.

You can keep record of all your technicians, the service they provided and the clients they served. Further, once customers are in your service program the software automatically generates annual contract renewals. The renewals are customized based on the requirements of the customer. The renewals also mentions about the expiry date as well the renewal payment amount. You can also automate your pest inspection based on the annual contract renewal terms.

Manage your inventory with the help of pest control software. This includes all your material, equipment and fleet.  Keep track of the chemicals used and the amount used per service. You know exactly what you have, the quantity you have, and the chemicals that are used the most and used the least.  This record then helps you in your purchase decision. Manage your fleet of vehicles, the technician or crew in charge of it, service record of this vehicle including the type of service, date of service, future service dates, and who provided this service.  

Pest control software also generates a wide variety of reports that helps you to keep track of your business productivity. These reports can be emailed internally to your team and also to your customers.  The software also lets you customize your reports based on the needs of your business.

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