By Aparna Mishra | 1/5/2016 | Project Management Software

Project Tracking Software

When you embark on your project journey one thing you would want to keep an eye on is whether you are on track throughout this journey. This is where project tracking software makes its presence felt. Project tracking becomes necessary right from the planning stages of the project to both control as well as regulate the allocation of resources.  

Project tracking is not only for the planning phase of the project but something that you will have to continue with till you have completed your project. Throughout this journey, it helps you to monitor the progress of the project, identify the roadblocks and take necessary action to deal with it in timely fashion. The performance of the project is monitored on regular basis and it ensures that the project is on track.  

Project tracking helps to stay within your set budget. It provides a standardized technique of budget as well as planning for a range of activities within the project. Project tracking also allows you to monitor and evaluate your financial requests by tracking your planned, actual and adjusted expenditures.  

At any given point you know how many phases of the project have been completed.  You also know how many more that still needs to be completed.  With the help of project tracking software you are assured that assigned tasks are completed in the best way possible within the set timeframe. You are able to properly administer all projects on scheduled time.  

If you are running late on a particular task or if there is an overall delay in the project, the project tracking software will provide you with alerts. This can help you to look into the matter, the delay could be from any quarters, be it some technical issue or some manpower issue. Once you know about the delay and its reasons, you can take necessary action to resolve the issue.  This becomes both a time and cost saving benefit for you.

The powerful resources and tools of project tracking software helps you to increase your efficiency and productivity and thus help you to increase your profit margins as well. Project tracking allows you to track the project from central location. Everyone involved in the project stays updated with the project all the time.  

Within the project you can create tasks and subtasks, assign resources, both financial and human, assign responsibilities to individuals, teams, and group leaders, and set reminders for everyone working on the project. After setting the schedule, project tracking software allows you to keep track of the project including those responsible for their individual as well as group tasks. Not only the project manager, but each individual is able to track the project through its execution stage.

The software comes with some easy-to-use features and the information is displayed in a clutter free manner. Individual users can customize their screens to display the information they are looking for. For example, by list of internal and external contacts, by departments, by clients etc. All this information can be pulled through in the system very quickly.  

Project tracking software has built-in reports feature. With this feature you can generate complete activity history reports, reports about all open and closed tasks, and many such other reports. You can also visually check your project activity with the help of Gantt charts.  You also get document management feature with project tracking software. Organize all your project documents and files in the system which can be accessed any time by those working on the project.

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