By Aparna Mishra | 12/16/2015 | Business Management

Workforce Management Software

Manage your workforce with the help of workforce management software that helps organizations run their operations smoothly. Routine tasks such as scheduling, timesheets can be simplified with the help of this software.  

Based on the size of your organization and based on the requirements of your business you can choose a software that will meet your needs.  Also available in the market are workforce management software solutions that can be customized according to the requirements of your business.  It entirely depends upon what option you choose for your organization.  

Further these software solutions are offered as Software as a Service (SaaS), which means you don’t have to invest a lot in IT infrastructure. They are mostly cloud-based which allows easy accessibility from anywhere and you also get mobile apps for various platforms and this means that management and staff can access the software even on the go.  

What does workforce management software offers? It offers features like scheduling, employee self-service, mobile workforce management, HR self-service, performance and skills management and much more. The software that offers you the most in terms of features that matches your requirement is the one that would want to opt for.  

Schedule your employees’ regular shifts, find a replacement quickly when an employee is unable to make it to work, and based on employees availability and need you can also schedule training sessions such as first-aid training, team building training, communication training etc. Ensure your employees are not overworked unless absolutely necessary by tracking overtime limits. You can also track weather data and schedule your shifts accordingly.  

Manage your employees attendance with biometric time and attendance feature. Biometric attendance feature prevents fraudulent attendance marking like buddy punching.  With biometric time clock all that the employee has to do is put his/her finger on the biometric scanner which then registers the attendance.  This biometric feature does not actually store fingerprints but only templates and thus provides enough security.  Use this feature as sole attendance registration or use it in combination with swipe or fob cards.

Talent management is one of the ways to ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors. With the help of workforce management software you get a matrix that lists the skills of employees throughout the organization. This skills matrix can also be found based on department, team or shift-based. And along with performance management tool like journaling your employees’ performance you can get the best out of your employees. Through evaluation you can assess employees skills and also schedule additional training. Skills management feature also provides which employees need to update their training certificates. 

In this day and age organizations find their workforce located all around, i.e. a workforce that is not based at one particular location. These workers would want to log in their attendance via mobile devices, would want to work while they are on the go. A lot of workforce management software packages provide this mobile feature that allows organizations to carry out their work without any hindrance.

There are mobile apps for various platforms such as Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Windows and Blackberry OS. Workforce software solution providers ensures that even if there is poor network coverage employees are still able to log in their attendance with a software that backups the data till connectivity is fully established.

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