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What is it all about?

ClearStory Data accelerates the way business leaders get answers from more data, on a fast cycle, across diverse data sources. ClearStory Data's solution simplifies data access to internal and external sources, automates data harmonization via Intelligent Data Harmonization across disparate data, enables fast, collaborative exploration, and reduces business wait time for insights via Interactive, Collaborative StoryBoards.

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Key Features

• Fast Data Profiling on Internal & External Data Sources. Access data from internal repositories, big data platforms, external sources and streaming sources, without time-consuming “data wrangling.” Connect to databases, data warehouses, streaming data, Hadoop, Cloud data sources, applications and flat files. ClearStory automatically profiles the data, infers semantics in the data and speeds data preparation to make data readily available for analysis in interactive Data Stories. • Intelligent Data Blending & Harmonization. ClearStory’s Intelligent Data Harmonization™ identifies data relationships across your disparate data sources to automate data blending and allow one-click data blending on-the-fly. This is enabled via ClearStory’s unique native Sparkbased Data Harmonization engine. Data harmonization speeds reaching new holistic insights and by combining more data variety and analyzing data at scale, leaves no insights behind. • Interactive Data Stories. Data Stories present fast, interactive insights that can be explored by business users to reach new answers. They are designed to support a business user’s natural problem-solving intuition and do away with pre-modeled and rigid reports. They utilize the power of native Spark-based processing to allow dynamic discovery and diagnosis of insights, as data updates. • Interactive, Collaborative Business StoryBoards™. The business can consume rich insights via ClearStory’s StoryBoards that capture multiple different analyses into a single storyline. Living, dynamically updating StoryBoards let key stakeholders and decision makers see ‘what’s happening’ in the business, in-context with rich narratives to ensure consistent and timely data-driven decisions.


Fast-Cycle Analysis on More Diverse Data Easily connect to internal data repositories, big data platforms, or external data sources and combine these sources into a single holistic insight. ClearStory’s built-in Spark-based data intelligence capabilities introspects what’s in your data to speed data preparation and blend disparate data on-the-fly. It’s a new, fast and scalable way to work with more data, across more sources and reduce the dependency on costly IT cycles. Rapid Diagnostic, Exploratory and Ad-Hoc Analysis Ask more questions, blend and harmonize new data on the fly, and uncover deep insights with ClearStory’s Interactive Data Stories. Insights evolve as new data is discovered and update as your data updates without needing human intervention or more data modeling cycles. The business benefits from deeper insights, on more data, that update intra-day, daily, weekly or whatever speed the business mandates. Business-ready Interactive, Collaborative Insights ClearStory’s breakthrough in interactive insights are seen via business-ready StoryBoards. Business users view StoryBoards to spot insights as data updates, capture and maintain analytic context, and collaborate in real-time to speed consistent, data-driven decisions. At any point, a Business StoryBoard can be augmented with more data to answer a bigger question, without requiring old-style data modeling and data wrangling.



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ClearStory's pricing model includes a Platform price & User price on a subscription model. Subscription can be annual, pro-rated and/or on a ‘utilization’ model for the user license component.

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ClearStory Data
Microsoft Azure


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