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Online booking with Genbook

Online booking with Genbook

How many times has your day passed just in making arrangements with a client about the job, instead of actually doing it? Do you have problems such as fake or accidental double bookings, or even timetable misunderstandings among the staff? In the era of omnipresent electronic devices, from smartwatches and smartphones to laptops and computers, why would a business, no matter how small, rely only on old-fashioned methods of making appointments? Well, Genbook can prove to be an adequate answer for those who want to keep the pace with the present technology available. And guess what – free 30-day trial is available on their website.


Brought to the world by an Australian-American venture in 2006, Genbook is a simple, clear-cut, Web-based scheduling software. Focused mostly on small and medium business, Genbook opens the possibility of making appointments at any time of the day, all 7 days a week. Whether you want to get a haircut or a massage, spa appointment or a family portrait, all you need is your PC or smartphone, since Genbook exists in both desktop and iOS/Android app version. Ever since Genbook enabled the option of secure online payment, it made a step forward to a comprehensive system of online arrangements of sessions for both the customer and the provider of service. A person that was once only a visitor of some company’s website, can become a customer in matter of minutes with the aid of Genbook.
The central feature for an easy visual track of upcoming appointments is the calendar, associated with reviews of the shop in question, staff member’s names and phone numbers. Behind the scenes, the business owner has information about their clients, such as contact information and booking history. Combining the social media marketing and possibility of making special offers provides a dynamical approach to running online booking. One of the strong suits is obviously the benefit it presents for the business in case of no-showers and phoney appointments, however the strongest one are probably the analytics tab. These tools are the ones that bring the prediction of future performance, trends in sale, but also follow up on the quality of work done by the employees. Due to the fact that a review is requested by the customer-used side of the software, there is a constant feedback from the clients which most of the companies consider useful for further improvement. And the room for it certainly exists – the inflexibility of Genbook is striking as one of the biggest disadvantages. Basically, anything except one-on-one service proves to be a complication, e.g. adding a location, combined services, number of participants for a certain activity or the maximum number of appointments per day.

User’s thoughts

Finding an user review about Genbook is a no-brainer, partly because it has its own blogspot and a Facebook page with active community involved. Judging by given feedbacks, the setup presents no difficulty, and neither does the intuitive interface. Staff is pleased to have their own logins and the opportunity to pick a nickname for themselves, although it may seem a minor option. On the other hand, most of the clients are satisfied with the customer service and e-mail, the main communication portal functions according to their needs. The synchronism suits both employer and employees, as it increases efficiency and improves the general atmosphere. Major flaws are considered to be the payment methods available for US and Canada only, absence of support for exporting the data collected over the years, and general deficiency and slow pace in bringing upgrades to the software. The criticism is concentrated on the limitations of the software far more than its functionality, as if the simplicity was achieved through means of creating strict borders of Genbook’s possibilities. Time will show if and how can Genbook satisfy the needs of all types of users that are on their doorstep.

Are you thinking about using Genbook?

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Read more about Genbook on DiscoverCloud’s knowledge base.

By Danica Despotovic | 11/1/2015 | General

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