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A comprehensive, all-inclusive health care information technology solution by Allscriptsconnects people, places and data across the community of health care providers.  This connectivity ensures that health care providers are able to make better decisions as well as deliver better care.  

Allscripts offer wide range of products and services to healthcare professionals, be it physicians, electronic prescribing physicians, clinic offices, hospitals, post-acute care facilities, and in-home clinicians.  Spread across the globe from USA to Australia, Allscripts team ensures that the health care community has the all the products and services needed to provide the best health care possible to its patients. For more information on Allscripts on DiscoverCloud click here.

On the patient care management side, Allscripts offers solutions such as patient engagement, care management, electronic prescribing, patient flow and health record management. On the practice management side, Allscripts offers solutions like practice management, revenue cycle management, financials, home care management, practice performance management, patient referral management, small practice EHR and EHR application for iPad.  

Allscripts FollowMyHealth patient engagement tool enables patients to be engaged in their treatment and allows them to communicate with their physicians to exchange information and ask questions.  Allscripts ePrescribe Deluxe is cloud based and thus can be accessed from anywhere including from mobile devices. It is safe and secure to send prescriptions electronically through Allscripts ePrescribe Deluxe which allows to save time and money and is available as integrated feature with Allscripts EHR platforms or as a stand-alone solution.

Further with Allscripts Care Management feature, streamline and optimize all care management processes within the hospital and connect with other care providers including post acute care, home care and hospice care. This system is flexible, can be installed in about 90 days and most importantly is user friendly.  

Allscripts Patient Flow coordinates all aspects of patient care from bed management to transfer to bed turnover. While Allscripts TouchWorks EHR is a tool that is highly customizable that helps health care providers such as clinics, physician practices to improve the quality of care and helps not only in reducing costs but also helps in generating revenue.

From the practice management side, Allscripts Practice Management and Allscripts Payerpath provides an overall solution for physician practices irrespective of its size. Solutions for the whole revenue cycle: deal with rising costs, decreasing reimbursements, and stay on top with ever-changing regulations.  With its modern, easy to use interface, Allscripts Practice Management allows practices to improve efficiency through electronic workspaces for appointment, taking care of claims management, and transaction management.  

Further, it also allows to automate processes so that at night accounts can be brought into collection module, allows to change the account type and also helps to transfer balances to collection agency.  With this automated feature, staff can now focus to improve the collection rates.  

Ideally suited for small to mid-sized clinician practices, Allscripts Professional EHR on single dashboard offers physicians all the information such as number of appointments and the treatment plans, monitor patient flow, and results and information from labs.  This helps in risk management, better patient care and also streamline communication process with patients.

On service side, Allscripts offer range of services such as help in hosting and during implementation, provides consulting and education to become acquainted with the system and also provides upgrades and manages IT services. This comprehensive service package ensures that practices have all the support they need on the IT side so that they can focus what is most important to them: their patients.

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