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Cloud-based and available as Software as a Service (SaaS) AppFolio offers complete property management solutions both for property managers as well as real-estate investors.  Solutions for those with single-family, multi-family, student housing, commercial or mixed real estate portfol [...]

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One of the ways of gaining competitive advantage for organizations in this increasingly competitive world is through its human resources.  it is also increasingly challenging to acquire this resource. However, Jobvite offers full range of tools from sourcing to onboarding to organizat [...]

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Modern marketing is increasingly becoming more scientific in its approach. With social media aided by ever increasing technological progress at the forefront, modern marketers are required to tap into various resources and gather fragmented data to devise their marketing strategies. And the end goal [...]

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Based in California, Procore provides cloud-based software solutions to those in the construction business.  Procore provides all-in-one project management tools that helps increase project efficiency through better coordination and documentation.   [...]

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A leader in cloud based time tracking Replicon helps companies across the globe to increase productivity, plug revenue leakage and keep up with labor laws. All attendance and time management aspects are taken care of by Replicon.   [...]

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A comprehensive, all-inclusive health care information technology solution by Allscriptsconnects people, places and data across the community of health care providers.  This connectivity ensures that health care providers are able to make better decisions as well as deliver better care. &n [...]

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Zoho CRM

Close more deals in less time is Zoho CRM’s motto and by using it, businesses are able to do just that. CRM or customer relationship management is something most businesses have to look after to be sustainable as well as grow.   [...]

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AlertSite UXM

Created by SmartBear, AlertSite UXM offers monitoring solutions for websites, mobile apps, APIs, cloud based applications, and monitoring both inside and outside the firewall.  For businesses, it is important to know the performance of their websites and avoid any downtimes that could [...]

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It is not that only graphic designers need software solutions for their designing needs. There are times when somebody or the other in the organization would be required to produce a figure or a diagram. Something like a flow-chart or organizational chart. For such purposes one does not need anythin [...]

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Offering more than traditional project management features, Wrike is a tool that is useful for individual employees, team leaders and project managers. It is catered towards individual tasks and incorporates everything related to task management including collaboration, email integration a [...]

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